Peach’s Panel of Pain at Planet Pain

    • When: 11/11/17
    • QIC: Peach
    • The PAX: Samurai, Cracker Jack, Speed Racer, Cartel, Goose, Peach

Samurai and Peach for 2 mile pre-run.


On this Veterans’ Day, begin “The Thang” with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Brief warm-up with SSH (25), IW(15), HW(15), stretches, WM(10),

Mosey to Gym Parking Lot

Preceded each of the following with a 50 Yard jog;

50 Burpees

50 Calf Raises

50 Merkins

50 LBCs

50 Mac Tar Jai

50 Squats

50 Carolina Dry Docks

50 American Hammer (count on one side only)

50 Plank Jacks

50 Mtn Climbers (count on one side only)

50 Wide Arm Merkins

50 Hello Dolly

**Note: Upon completion of the above, the enthusiasm was palpable


Mosey to the Stairway to Heaven, for partner aggregates. One running a lap up, around, and down the stairs, while partner works on:

50 Diamond Merkins

50 Dips

50 Irkins

**Note: Q-Jack being seriously contemplated

Then people chair for 10 count x 4, each time dropping an inch

Then Moroccan Nightclubs in cadence, 50 reps

Mosey to COT for brief bouts with Rosalita, Protractors, and Freddie Mercury, during which Q-jack was successfully orchestrated.

Interwoven with the workout, we announced names of various Veterans – as many as we could that are active F3’ers. Family and friends were mentioned as well. I stole/paraphrased a quote that really resonated with me, posted on FB by Apache: “You want to thank a Veteran? Then be the kind of American worth fighting for. And never lose your appreciation for what this country stands for.”

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