Micro-Goals – They May Change Your Life!!

    • When: 11/13/2017
    • QIC: Incoming
    • The PAX: Danger Zone, Ogle Thorp, Van Damme, Al Gore, Honey Pot, Big Fundamental, Big House, Smiley Face, Jelly, Padeye, Sapper, Fellini, White Hat, Cracker Jack

Sometimes goals are thrust upon us. If it’s a Macro or Micro-Goals, The way we respond to these curve balls life will throw at us dictates our outlook on life. I’ve seen your best but what is your reaction during your worst? The ability to hang up pride and humility for the larger goal of perseverance or the sense of a groups accomplishment all are a part of what makes us HIM.

I’m not a professional, I only suggest, modify as necessary.

SSH x20
FK x20
Merkins x20

Enough of that, let’s stretch.

Right Leg x30 Second
Left Leg x30 Seconds
Middle x30 Seconds
Squat down and stretch the rest x60 seconds

The Thang:
We’ll it’s a little cold and wet. Everyone groaned and showed little interested in playing on the ground…
Let’s do something unexpected. Let’s run to “The Hot Box” and back!
Don’t forget the 6 and make sure we take care of each other…

(For anyone interested, it’s a 2.6 mile run via Oakland) Many through they couldn’t do it but, We made it!! There and back.

It took a few minutes more than expected. My apologies that was my fault and the COT was later but those that stuck around heard why we did this…

Goals are great! Follow them, if you have one. Aspire! But if you don’t have a goal or your goal is very large, breaking down life’s tasks into micro-goals, while focusing on them with a passion and a vision of following through because it’s obtainable and important. If you do this you can achieve amazing results that you would be proud of. Take this run… That was basically a 5k and you did it. We picked up the 6 and all did it. Some did it faster and some slower but the sense of completing it is the same.

Until Next Time:
I don’t lead lite workouts and I hope you’ll do that for me. I’ll adjust for the PAX that are there and what’s happening but I want to assure we can all feel a sense of accomplishment and know we were there. Some may have other ideas about this and I respect them but when I Q … I’m waking up at this time to push myself, my fellow brother and have them carry me when I am too tired to stand. I have not and will not leave the 6 behind with my workouts.

Until my next Q

Aye you’re my brother and you hold me accountable to push myself just as I’ll do for you! 


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