This Ain’t Sparta – October 30, 2017, NAM (Rock Region)

    • When: 10/30/2017
    • QIC: Fryin' Pan
    • The PAX: MLP, Laces Out, Heads Lights, Red October, Chilly Willie (Respect), Pixar, Sapper, Limp Biscuit, Skylander, Slow Pitch, Fryin’ Pan (Q)

October 30th, 2017 — It was the start of a cool evening for Fryin’ Pan’s VQ at Night at the Museum. YHC (Fryin’ Pan) gave the F3 Disclaimer began with the warmup.

The warmup included the following:
• SSH (25) – in cadence
• MNC (25) – in cadence (MLP favorite)
• Left over Right
• Right over Left
• Cherry Pickers

THE THANG                                                                                                                                                                                        Being motivated by my daughter’s National History Day project on the Battle of Thermopylae – The Hot Gates, I conjured up a This Ain’t Sparta workout for the F3 Brothers braving the cold, dark, unknown of the evening. We did not bother with the 300-rep workout that gained fame after the blockbuster hit 300, nah, we did 1,000 reps!

Four (4) rounds of 25 reps per exercise that included the following:

• Mountain Climbers (25)
• Body Squats (25)
• Merkins (25)
• SSH (25)
• Front or Side Lunge – Left Leg (25)
• Front or Side Lunge – Right Leg (25)
• V Ups or LBCs (25)
• High Knees (25)
• American Hammers (25)
• Plank w/ alternating Shoulder Taps (25)

A four-minute Extra Credit Tabata was produced for those inspired individuals that finished before the Six. This Tabata included the following:

• Squat Jumps – 20 secs
o Rest – 10 secs
• Merkins – 20 secs
o Rest – 10 secs
• Burpees – 20 secs
o Rest – 10 secs
• LBCS – 20 secs
o Rest – 10 secs
**** Rinse and Repeat for a second round ***

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MLP, Laces Out, Heads Lights, Red October, Chilly Willie (Respect), Pixar, Sapper, Limp Biscuit, Skylander, Slow Pitch, Fryin’ Pan (Q)


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