11/20/17 Independence Back Blast

    • When: 11/20/17
    • QIC: Danger Zone
    • The PAX: Goose, Padeye, Al Gore, White Hat, JAG, Roxanne, Waterboy, The Big Fundamental, Oglethorpe, Smiley

Started out with a few stretching exercises:

Side-Straddle Hops (25x in cadence)

Cherry-Pickers (10x in cadence)

Moroccan Night Clubs (15x in cadence)

Windmills (10x in cadence)

Mosey to Flagpole at Tillman Hall. Padeye led pledge.

Urkins on the curb (10x in cadence)

Dips in curb (1ox in cadence)

Mosey to the front of Kinard

Urkins (10x)

Squats (10x)

Durkins (10x)

Squats (10x)

Dips (10x)

Squats until the 6

Mosey to Byrnes, pair up.

One partner laps Byrnes/Barnes, other partner exercise:

Bear crawl up steps, 10 merkins, walk/crawl back down, Squats, rinse and repeat until return

Bear Crawl up steps, 10 LBC’s, walk/crawl back down, Squats, rinse and repeat until return/6

Mosey to Student Center loading dock.

Wall sits, 10x Merkins from each end to middle.

Balls to the wall contest, JAG won.

Wall sits again, 10x merkins from one side.

Mosey back to COT

15x Freddie Mercuries

10x Box cutters


Announcements, Prayer Requests/Praises

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