The Second Annual PHOP Pulloff

    • When: 11/22/17
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Lock Pick, The Big Fundamental, Chucky (R)

This is an exciting day for me. I fell in love with PHOP because it was a strange site where we can do weird things.

This is one of those days.

Short COP

L under R, R under L, Merkans, SSH

Music Time

Sally- Squats

Followed by some sprints

Thunderstruck- Plank position- merkans on thunder or thunderstruck

Stations- Three rotations through. Each time the timing mechanism was a bear crawl with a chain and cindy

Time 1:     Tire flips, dips, Hammer tires

Time 2:      curls, squats, tire flips

Time 3:     LBCs, squats, Truck Pull ups (a pull up on the rack of the truck)

The PHOP Pull-Off

That’s right- tug of war. Winner team calls an exercise, everybody does it. Either you do victory burpees to celebrate your win or you do punishment burpees for coming in second place. LBCs, SSH, Merkans, and more burpees followed. Then we switch up the teams a bit and try it again.

The first battle was an epic back and forth that lasted nearly a minute but felt like an hour. After that it was all The Big Fundamental.

Back to COP for a little Mary and then COT.

Proud of the work my small but mighty group put in this morning.

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