Honeypotting the Gamecock Fans

    • When: 11/28/17
    • QIC: Honeypot & Blueprint
    • The PAX: Schrute, Italian Job, Bill Nye, Ryder, Big Fundamental, Ponytail (R), Klinger (R), Conseco, Honeypot (Q), Blueprint (Q)

Mr. Big Stuff was on Q but he was called into work. Sandlot asked Blueprint and I to post the shovel flag and to fill in if the Q wasn’t able to show. We stepped up right away.

Schrute was classy this morning by throwing trash at Blueprint or was he throwing it at a bad Gamecock fan.  I guess we will never know.

Warm-up was put on by Blueprint

Disclaimer was given before Schrute fell down and got hurt. I’m glad that was covered.



Impeller Walkers (IC)

Cherry Pickers (IC)

Merkins (IC)

Plank position (10c)


Before the hand off was given to Honeypot, Blueprint talked about Sandlot and reminded us all to pray for Sandlot’s wife while she had surgery today.  At that point we took a minute to just to lift them up in prayer at that moment. Thanks Ryder for leading the prayer.

Let’s long mosey to the front of the hospital. We reach the hospital and down goes Schrute. Lets check him in for the night.lol

Mosey down the hill at the Sinus doctors office.

Circle up in a line its music time.(Italian Job)

Thunder-struck was the song. Every time you heard thunder or thunder struck do a merkin. While you wait do mountain climbers.

Recover with a (10c)

3 Hill Sprints to the top of the Hill – 0.1 mile to the top

Recover at the bottom

Next song was Sally Up, Sally Down. We did Burpees for the sally up and down part.

10 count

3 more Hill Sprints – 0.06 of a mile

Recover at the bottom

Mosey to the flag pole for the Pledge

After the pledge, we long mosey back to the COT.

With 5 minutes left at the COT we did Highway to Hell. CDD was done every time they said Highway to Hell and mountain climbers the rest of the time.

The next day I found out they laid to rest AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young.

Count off

Name Thing


Prayer and Praise






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