Count it all Joy

    • When: 12/05/17
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Double D (R), Old Bay, Popper (R), Corruption, Band Camp, Chicken Hawk, Fellini (R), Hee Haw (R), Flash, PonyTail (R)

9 strong HIM’s of the Fort joined YHC on this morning for a guest Q.  YHC had posted a few times before in the Fort but this was my first Q across the river.  Double D had extended me the invite a few days prior and I welcomed the opportunity to meet some new brothers.  As our appointed hour drew near, I was excited that we had such a great group of new and familiar faces, along with 5 Respects (including YHC).  After a quick introduction and disclaimer we got started with a warm-up which included the following.  SSH, seal jacks, wide leg deep calf stretches, cherry pickers and L over R & R over L.  Properly warmed up we headed up the hill for a short mosey across the street


The Thang

We rolled into the parking lot with some light where I instructed the PAX that we would begin the morning by engaging our cores.  This consisted of 20 Merkins, 25 Flutters (arms high), 25 LBC’s, 25 scissors.  With cores engaged and a quick recovery we headed down the road out the playground area at the front of WEP.  We lined up on the short rail on the edge of the park area and did 25 Irkins then strolled over to the fun stuff.  YHC instructed the PAX to partner up and we would do the following.  While one PAX stayed behind and did pull ups AMRAP while partner 2 ran a lap around the perimeter of the area, rinse & repeat for 3 laps total and plank up for the six.  Next we headed out of the playground area and towards downtown which was lit up in quite an impressive fashion with many decorations.  We rolled into the small parking lot near the bank and grabbed some wall for people’s chair.  Next, one at a time, down the line each man did 10 Merkins and went back on the wall.  Next we assume plank positions with heels to the wall and did reverse steps ups on the wall IC x 20, followed by 25 Australian Mountain Climbers IC.  Then we headed down for a short mosey across from the flag near Main Street where we recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  Afterwards, it was time to start heading back closer to where we started so we pulled back into the same area we started and all the PAX did 10 muscle ups on the wall.  A few of the men took on the tallest section of the wall, well over 6 feet and did a great job, T-claps to all.  Afterwards, we circled up together tight, shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm and did 30 calf raises IC.  With arms and legs feeling the morning wearing along, YHC lined up the PAX in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder, and explained our next exercise was a modified Lt Danger – lunge / lunge / squat / Merkin (add 1 Merkin each time until you reach 10 – 55 in total).  Quite the arm and leg workout.  The morning was drawing to a close so we headed back across the street to where we started, in the small circle at the end of the parking lot and finished with more core work, including flutters, American Hammers, and modified v-ups (L-ups), reach for the toes.  We finished with 20 SSH IC


We closed the morning with the count, 10 HIM’s, Name-a-rama, followed by announcements, and prayers & praises.  YHC shared with the PAX that a close friend has an M who is dealing with a health diagnosis and that his attitude is something I wish I could share and hope I would have if in a similar situation.  With the theme for the month being Gifts, what greater gift is there than the love & grace of Christ.  YHC shared the following verse:

James 1:2

Count it all joy my brothers when you meet trials of various kinds

If your life is going great, and I hope it is, Count it all joy – praise God.  If things are going well, and I hope they aren’t, Count it all joy – it’s an opportunity to grow in your faith.  It’s all in your attitude & your perspective

It was an honor to lead this group this morning and thanks Double D for the opportunity to do so – look forward to seeing all of you soon

PonyTail out –

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