Backblast for Wally World on Thursday December 7, 2017

    • When: 12/07/2017
    • QIC: Penny Pincher
    • The PAX: Bill Nye, Clinger, PCH, Herbie, Danger Zone, Stockyard

It was a cold and wet Thursday morning, but we still had 7 HIM @ Wally World. We began with the regular kickstarter of side straddle hops. Next, everyone got on the ground and did a few LBCs. I think it was 25 reps, and then we held plank position for 30 seconds.

We moseyed over to the flag pole at the Comporium building where Herbie led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. We stayed in this area for the next set of exercises. The first one was prisoner squats. We paired up and locked arms with a partner for 25 squats. The next exercise started in standing position facing your partner,and you would hand crawl towards them with a round of patti cake (4 hand touches). One rep ended with you reverse hand crawling back to standing position. We did 25 reps of this exercise also. Any ideas on what to name this exercise would be welcomed.

Then we moseyed down Old Rawlinson Road and crossed the street to get to Old Point Elementary School. We did a few stretches in cadence to give everyone a chance to recover. Afterwards, we ran the loop behind the school, and moseyed back to Wally World. When we got back, we did 25 mercans, and ran across the Walmart parking lot to Miller Pond Road.

My plan was to do some hill sprints up Grand Oak Drive. I’d daydreamed before Qing about doing some reps up this HUGE hill in that neighborhood, but I got lost while looking for it haha… We didn’t have that much time left anyway, so after looking for a little while we headed back to the Walmart parking lot. We did a jailbreak back to get one last push from the PAX.

COT: Bill Nye asked for prayers for his grand father’s health and his family as they take care of him and spend time together. We also prayed for Sandlot’s wife.

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