• When: 12/9/17
    • QIC: PonyTail
    • The PAX: UGA, Speed Racer (R), Iron Sight, Peach (R), JAG (R), Samurai (R), PonyTail (R)

6 HIM’s of the Rock Region including 4 fellow Respects joined YHC on a cold morning with snow in the forecast.  YHC announced to the PAX at the beginning that we would move around very little this morning with rain and snow in the forecast but workout we would.  No FNG’s were present, so after the disclaimer we began with the warmup which included SSH, Imperial Walkers, calf stretches, cherry pickers, L/R and R/L.

The Thang –

After the warm-up we went for a short mosey across the street to York Road Elementary School under the covered sidewalk for some core work to begin the morning.  This included Flutters, Chopsticks, American Hammers and LBC’s all IC.  With our cores fully engaged we headed across to the small playground and partnered up.  YHC announced to the PAX that we would do 3 sets of the following:  Partner 1 would do 10 pull-ups while partner 2 held Al Gore position (3 rounds each).  Once completed, we went for a mosey back across the street to the stairwell area under NWHS where we stayed the rest of the morning.  Once we arrived, we all sat in People’s Chair and went down the line and did 10 Merkins each. Once completed, we got back on the wall and did a round of BTW.  Then we partnered back up and did the following:  Partner 1 did 20 Australian Mountain Climbers while Partner 2 did SSH for 5 rounds total.  These were a hit (sarcasm) and afterwards, we paused for a quick recovery.  Then we did 20 dips, 20 Irkins, 20 Dirkins, all IC.  Afterwards, we paused and YHC shared the following verse with the PAX


Ephisians 2:10

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God Prepared in advance for us to do

YHC shared with the PAX what this verse meant to me.  We are all created in God’s image with many skills and abilities and God expects us to use these skills and abilities to draw others closer to him.  We went around and each man shared what they did for a living and how diverse we all were.  This is a perfect example of different skills and abilities and how we are blessed with these to share with others to do God’s work here on earth.  #Gifts.

After this, YHC led the PAX up the stairs where we did a lap of Lt Dangers (lunge/lunge/squat/Merkin).  One of the PAX stated this is just like a burpee, only longer and slower, a walking burpee if you will.  These too proved to be a big hit (more sarcasm).  Once completed, we headed back down the stairs and YHC shared with the PAX that with Christmas fast approaching, it was only fitting we recognize the 12 days of Christmas, F3 style, so we did the following (number indicates count for each exercise):

1 Squat

2 (second) plank

3 Diamond Merkins

4 Cherry Pickers

5 Lunges

6 Imperial Walkers

7 LBC’s

8 Seal Jacks

9 Merkins

10 SSH

11 CDD

12 Mountain Climbers

1 to 12 and all the way back down, the last plank was for about 30 seconds.  Our time together was drawing to a close, so we moseyed back to the AO and JAG led us in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  We closed our morning with announcements, prayers and praises.  It’s always an honor to lead and many thanks to JAG for the opportunity to do so.  Great work put in by all –


PonyTail out –

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