Reps of 12 on 12/12

    • When: 12/12
    • QIC: Canseco
    • The PAX: Rebourne, Italian Job, Anchorbar, Ponytail, Padeye, Stinky, Pop Up, Goose, White Hat, Mortimer, Tombstone, Herbie, Jag, Jester

It was a perfect morning at Eagles Nest around 38 degrees. The chatter began quickly and before you know it we had 15 ready to get to work.

I decided reps of 12 would be in order today on 12/12.  So we began with a couple of stretches and went straight to work.

In Cadence:

12 Merkins, 12 LBC’s, 12 Carolina Dry Docks

From there we moseyed over to Alumni Drive and made a few stops at the street lights along  the way where we did the following:

12 Low Slow Squats in cadence, 12 Jump Squats, 12 Diamond Merkins, and at the stop sign 12 Big Boy Sit Ups in cadence.

I tossed my original plan when I saw the grass steps in the courtyard.  Perfect for a ladder work out of 12 reps so……

11 Merkins at the top

1 Dip at the bottom (In the pit)

Italian Job and Rebourne pushed me on this…Nice work!!

I forgot to count but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 12 steps!

Commence until you reach 11 dips and 1 Merkin.  From there we Moseyed to the steps in front of Byrne’s Auditorium.

12 Squats in cadence, 12 Burpees, 12 LBC’s in cadence, 12 Derkins, 36 Calf Raises, 12 Step Ups each leg, 12 Incline Merkins in cadence.

Then we moseyed back to Oakland Presbyterian.


The Messiah came into this world through unlikely, ordinary, sinful people and His own people did not expect Him at all.  They were anticipating a grand entrance not a baby born in a stable.  He really was the Unexpected King for many!

The challenge for us is to not miss or overlook Him and His work in any of our days.  He is in the ordinary and mundane and often is leading us to act on the smallest opportunities for the greatest good.

Be the unlikely and unexpected for someone in your sphere this week and the next.

Read your newsletter!

Pray for Stinky as he sprained his ankle this morning!

Donations being taken up for Jeremy Holts friend who has a child fighting brain cancer (See Padeye with cash or gift card) Jeremy is Paying it Forward

Bring/Invite someone out you haven’t seen in a while!


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!





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