The coldest workout of the year… I think

    • When: 12/13/2017
    • QIC: Blueprint
    • The PAX: Ponytail (R), Hot Spot, Honey Pot, Canseco, Chisel, Blueprint

Man… it was cold.  I mean, like really cold.  I believe it dipped down to 23 degrees, but still not as cold as my first Q ever (last year at the Veteran) when it bottomed out at 19.

Anywho, I gave a really quick, lip quivering disclaimer, recognized there were no FNG’s then went into a warm up.

The warm up consisted of 15 SSH followed by little baby arm circles.

After Q’ing Monday at the Big Guy, I opted to return BTC to its roots as a running AO, and recognizing the PAX that were in attendance deemed it appropriate to simply run…  so, run we did.  We all did a little over 6 miles and had great conversation.

The highlight (inspired by Italian Job’s pending Home Alone Trivia work out) was me thinking up a few completely RANDOM trivia questions:

  1.  can you name the 4 states that have capitals that begin with the same letter?  (Columbia and Carolina doesn’t count)
  2. Ponytail had a good one – name the two athletes who were roommates in college… One goes on to be Super Bowl MVP, the other AL MVP. First name of one is last name of other.
  3. Clemson – Carolina college football game is the second oldest continued rivalry in college football… what is the oldest


The answers are:

  1. Dover – Delaware; Honolulu – Hawaii; Oklahoma City – Oklahoma; and (the one that a clue was needed for) Indianapolis – Indiana
  2. Lynn Swann and Fred Lynn
  3. This one was debated, but Honey Pot did some post workout research and determined the correct answer is Minnesota – Wisconsin


Anyway, we had a great loop of continuous running with some great HIMs.  Thank you for allow me to run alongside y’all (and sometimes behind).  Until next time – Blueprint out.  (did I mention it was cold?)

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