Old Town Run’n

    • When: 12/19/17
    • QIC: PCH
    • The PAX: PonyTail, Burgundy, 155, Reborn, Herbie, Honeypot

OK gents, the gloom for Monday started with a rush.  As usual, when YHC is Q’ed up the internal clock ticks up to a quickened pace.  My eyes opened plenty early and on to the jump off with cheer I went.  The rush of seeing my fellow HIM circled in the shadow of morning keeps me coming back again and again to the F3 push.  This morning like the mornings before fill me with that F3 love’n.  Once I delivered the kickoff shpeel and seeing no FNG we stretched out some cold tight legs before racking up some SSH x 10.  Then off into a mosey down Main Street to the Water Tower to enjoy some deep slow squats x 10 – lined up shoulder to shoulder on the knee wall  for all the world to behold.  After the legs got warmed up it was time for a mosey to the nearby car wash and a people’s chair.  Each  of us sounded off with a ten count to give plenty of time to settle into the chair.  10 count x7.  Then balls to the wall for 10 count x7.  Hand stands in a car wash at 5:20 in the morning must draw serious curiosity to passer bys…  I can imagine the cars going by must think those guys are drugged out of their gourds.  We continue our mosey on toward Cherry Rd / W Main St. with a stop for more hand stands at the parked semi trucks across from the flower nursery.  We pause at the intersection and wait out the traffic light with monkey humpers to entertain the morning work travelers.  Ah it brings a smile to this heart to be crazy early in the gloom.  Continuing beyond the traffic light we found the bottom of the hill and a great guard rail in the turn of the road to do dirkens x 10 for  the turnaround point of this mosey.  We crossed over to the other side of the street and began our push of the hill toward the Cherry Rd stop light.  The hill ascent challenged the lungs and devoured the legs in a beautiful chaos.  We found a railing to do irkins and dirkins and on up the hill we went.  Just in time the hill peaked at the traffic light again and off to the right for  a slight detour at the York Gas fill station we went.  Under the covered fill pump station we found our six and did a little core work.  LBC x 20, american hammer x 10, Toe touch crunches, Elbow plank, flutters then mosey back to the COT for more core work.  Everyone in the group got to toss in their exercise.  I believe it was scissors,  american hammers, LBC, flutter, V ups, rosalita

We finished directly at the witching hour and counted off.   News and prayers were shared.  I spoke up with thoughts and discussions I’ve enjoyed here lately related to the fine AOs we have here in the Rock Region.  Make a concerted effort to move about the region with workouts.  Keep it spicy and try mixing up routines.  Remember FNGs and Cotters  they need you.

see ya soon gents


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