Board of Pain

    • When: 12/21/17
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Italian job, Roxanne, walker, 155, smiley face, Socrates, fryin pan, Padeye, iron sight, polymer, Reborn, Catfish, turbine, bull, anchor bar, fusion

Today was gift day!!!!  My gift was a Board of Pain. This was inspired by the one and only Burgandy.  

We circled up for a small disclaimer and then did windmills and merachin nightclubs in cadence. We moseyed over to tj max for the gift!!! Lol. I turned on some 80s rock and off we went.  The idea of the board was to challenge yourself and through that challenge your gift is revealed. The gift of accomplishment. Not having to look at the whole board just look at one challenge at a time. I hope this helps everyone in their personal life and professional life. You can run a marathon or be a CEO… but it all started without one step at a time. Huge thanks to Iron Sight for allowing me to Q today!!!

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