F3 Wally World: Fun Run Own It

    • When: 12/21/17
    • QIC: The Riddler
    • The PAX: Hot Spot, Schrute, Boomer, Mongo, PCH, Apache, Ponytail, and Bill Nye

Mosey from AO to Credit Union by Old Pointe Elementary

Performed the following Exercises
B ox Cutters
A merican Hammers
N ur around bank
K ickers

Mosey to front of Old Pointe
S ide Straddle Hops
C aterpillars
H illbilly walkers
O verhead Claps
O verhead Claps
L eft over right stretches

Mosey to front of the Aquatic Center

W acky Inflatable Tube Men
A ngel Sidewalk
T elephone Stretches
E arth Shakers
R oslitas

Mosey Down main path to center
Earth Shakers
10 Count Apache talking about things happening in F3
Mongo called out some exercises

Mosey to flag in front of Collision Center
Pledge led by Apache

Mosey to Founders
Their was a great sign there that said “Own It”.

I spoke to the value of owning your family life. If you give 100% at work you should give 100% at home. Leading your family to Christ by setting an example is what you should do. Jesus gave 100% of himself on the cross when he died for you. You need to be willing to give 100% of yourself to your family. Love the moments you have and represent Jesus in all you do.


Prayers for Grayson(Bill Nye 2.0), Jamie(Boomers Wife), Popeyes Dad, Dan Johnston(FCA Cordinator), RipStik, BubbleHead, and Traveling Mercies for pax.


Thanks for coming out!

The Riddler

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