Christmas Eve Convergence

    • When: 12/23/17
    • QIC: Reborn/Jelly/Penny Pincher/PCH/Catfish
    • The PAX: Ryder, Horton, Cedar, Redwood, Boomer, Fusion, Numbchuck, Speed Racer (R), On Call, Beep Beep, Padre, Hot Spot, Limp Bizcuit, Grandaddy Longlegs (R), Anchor Bar (R), Blackout, Chuckie (R), Chips, Smiley Face (R), Hawkeye (R), White Hat, Ben 10, Spiderman, The Flash, Ringo, Lion (R), Samurai (R), Watson, Popeye, Roxanne, Whitney, Iron Sight, Columbo, Jester, Red October, Pothole, Toot Toot (FNG), Cracker Jack, Primetime, Cactus, Peach (R), Gauge, Pistol (R), Full House, Sapper, Gridlock (FNG), Cartel, Vuvuzela, Money Bags, Goose, Headlights, Socrates, Sixth Sense, JAG (R), Grunt, Radar, Picachu, Kindergarten Cop, Italian Job, Apache, Hops, Romeo, Fryin' Pan, Canseco, Padeye, Catfish, Al Gore, Cornerstone, Mayflower (R), 155, Jelly, Penny Pincher, PCH, Big Fundamental, Point Break, Big House, Windex, Van Damme, Pac Man, Burgundy, Slow Pitch, Walker (R), Blueprint, Reborn, Ponytail (R)

Well, Christmas is upon us, so it was time for our Annual Christmas Eve Convergence. This year it was held on Dec. 23 due to the fact that Christmas Eve was on a Sunday. We held this year’s Convergence at The Patriot AO at Winthrop Coliseum. We also had three different WO options: Regular Boot Camp, Ruck WOD, and a Black Diamond Workout. We had 85 PAX from at least 4 different regions: Rock Hill, York, Lancaster, The Falls (and maybe more).

Thank you first to Slow Pitch for organizing the PreRuns and to Van Damme for organizing the PreRuck. You two were a huge help to make the Convergence a success.

I want to give a special thanks to Jelly, Penny Pincher, Slow Pitch, Catfish, and PCH for being willing to lead the workout today. Without you, this Convergence would not have been possible.

This Convergence also came with a Challenge to all PAX to contact at least two Kotters and invite them to attend. Kotters to all who decided to return to be with us this morning.

We also had 2 FNGs decide to take the red pill and remove from the fartsack to post. Welcome Toot Toot & Gridlock. Thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

Thank you to Ponytail and to Chuckie for leading the COT, the most important part of an F3 Workout.

Thank you Padeye for organizing the 2nd F at Anna J’s after the Convergence. We all enjoyed the food and fellowship.

Thank you Popeye for taking photos during our time together.

Thank you to the rest of you for showing up and making this Convergence what it was. It would not have been possible without you.


After the PreRuckers, PreRunners and the rest of the PAX arrived at the COP, YHC began the morning with the following exercises:

Side Straddle Hops (IC) and 10 Burpees OYO.

We then broke up into the separate workout groups and split up until the COT. Below is an overview of each workout:


RUCK WOD-Catfish

12 Days of Christmas PATHFINDER Ruck Workout

Performed like the song . . . last round was a 12-1 ladder of holiday cheer!

1st Day-1 100 yard dash

2nd Day-2 Standing Lunges

3rd Day-3 Sumo Squats

4th Day-4 Flutter Kicks

5th Day-5 Golden Burpees

6th Day-6 Jump Squats

7th Day-7 Ruck Thrusters

8th Day-8 Count Body Builders

9th Day-9 Lunges Backwards

10th Day-10 Biceps Curls

11th Day-11 Merkins

12th Day-12 Overhead Squats


***Group was split, half with Jelly for 30 mins and half with PCH for 30 mins switching groups at the halfway mark:

Jelly’s 30 mins of fun:
All the men circled up, goal was to keep 2 PAX running with the parachutes at all times while the rest of the circle did an exercise (all exercises done in cadence)

-1st exercise = Plank Circle of Fire (everyone in moving around in the circle remaining in plank position)

-2nd Exercise = Squat Jump Circles (squat with a right lateral jump essential jumping to the right after a squat remaining in a circle)

3rd Exercise = Grave Escapes (Modified grave digger, PAX do a merkin followed by raising their right arm straight forward then the left)

***At this point the men reminded me that this wasn’t the diamond workout.

-4th Exercise = Lindsey Vonn’s (right leg only squat, left leg only squat, regular squat jump spinning around backwards, regular squat jump spinning back to starting position)

-5th Exercise = Rowing Canoes (canoe position to boat position, spread knees out and back in remaining in boat position, back to canoe)

-6th Exercise = Super Heel Touches (heel touches with butt off the ground, and while one foot touches heel the other hand is raised above head)

-7th Exercise = Scuba Steve’s (laying face down, going from feet and arms straight up and down to spread wide)

-8th Exercise = Peter Cotton Tails (2 forward hops, squat to touch ground, 2 hops back, squat touch ground)

-9th Exercise = Super Mountain Climbers (2 mountain climbers standing up into a high knee raise, repeating rotating knees)

– 10 Count

– Mosey around parking lot back to circle up

-10th Exercise = Merkin
-11th Exercise = Lowe Slow Squats
-12th Exercise = LBC’S
-13th Exercise = Dying Cochroach
-14th Exercise = 6inches/45°/90°

Met back up for stretching before COT
-cherry pickers, honeymooners, right over left, left over right

PCH’s 30 mins of fun:

We Indian ran around the colosseum with one stop to allow the six to catch up.  While we waited for the six we enjoyed some merkins.  We arrived at the north side of the colosseum and began our thang.
Rudolph’s Toy Drive
Split group in half around 12 in two teams.  Teams were stationed at the side walk.  Behind them the valley before you get to the road… in front of them the hill to the colosseum.
Each group sent one member to retrieve a present from the valley which had three exercises written on the present.
While the group completed the gifted exercises written on the present one member kept our sleigh moving up and down the hill to the colosseum “elf workshop drop”
Object: To deliver all the toys to the elf workshop at the top of the hill. Each gift box contains 3 excercises which are written on the box. Gather your gift and complete the 3 exercises on the box.  Keep that sleigh moving at all times.
All presents delivered.
Present list includes:
40 LBC
30 Bobby Hurlies
20 Hillbilly walkers
10 Donkey Kicks
20 Monkey Humpers
10 Imperial walkers
50 flutter kicks
20 American Hammers
50 Shoulder taps
100 brick curls
20 Merkins
25 Grave Diggers
30 Low Slow Squats
30 Air Clap while in Al Gore
50 Plank jacks
20 mountain climbers
30 over head claps
40 Moroccan night clubs


Ran over in front of the Coliseum where Penny Pincher had logs placed in a circle. Performed the following exercises with the logs (If a log was dropped, the person who dropped it had to do 5 Burpees):
Log curls X 25 reps
Imperial walker X 20 IC
High knee X  30 IC
Burpee to log curls X 10 reps
Log crawl over to push up X 15 reps
Lung with twist left to right X 10 reps each leg
Burpee to log curls X 10 reps
High knee X  30 IC

We then performed an Indian Run around the parking lot with the logs in tow. Put the logs down and ran to the other side of the Coliseum where Penny Pincher had tires stashed. We performed the following exercises with the same rules as above:
Tire sled X 4 laps
Compass drill X 10 IC
Standing American hammers X 20 reps both sides
Squat to overhead press X 20 reps
Tire slam SX 15 reps
Monkey jumps X 30 IC
Lungs x 25 reps both legs
Tire slam X 15 reps
Burpee/ squat to over X 10 reps
Circular Hand crawl (around tire) X 3 reps

 We then Indian ran with the tires back to the location of the logs. Performed 10 more Burpees to tire curls.
Then ran to the COT to perform 10 more burpees and to wait for the rest of the PAX.


PCH & Jelly finished the Workout with a short cool down. Popeye led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. We all said Merry Christmas to Bourne who is serving in Afganistan. The donation from the PAX to Primetime was shared.

Ponytail shared some words of wisdom (See Below) and Chuckie ended the morning with our Prayer.


Ponytail shared his appreciation for all who were in attendance. He also reminded us of what Christmas is truly about. He then mentioned that we should all set a goal for the next year and do your best to achieve it, with the help of others and SkyQ.

He then shared the following: Rules for Kicking Butt in Life

  1. See Failure as the beginning, not the end.
  2. If you don’t get after it, you won’t get it.
  3. Always do more than is expected of you.
  4. Teach others what you know.

NMM from YHC

It was a blessing and an honor to share this experience with my F3 brothers. Now, spend time with you family and friends over the Christmas days. Remember, your presence is the best gift you can give! Be the High Impact Male you have been created to be!

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