5 at Iron Academy for Whitney first Q as Site Q

    • When: 01/02/2018
    • QIC: Whitney
    • The PAX: Whitney, 155, Lucky Charm, Socrates, Roxanne


Today Pac Man’s Q schedule ran out, and we’re on to scheduling Whitney-style.  Therefore, I figured I’d take the lead and start the New Year out right for Iron Academy.  4 PAX joined me in the 10 degree weather.  Even better, 155 joined us to swing some bells instead of his usual Cucumber Gang appearance.

The Thang

First, we had to get the blood moving.  We took a mosey down around the AT&T.  15 SSTs, 15 Murcans, 15 deadlifts at the COT. Next up, we lunged. 10 forward, 10 back, 10 to each side.  Then I channeled some classic Van Damme and called out 5 man-makers.  We had to get the blood moving again, so we moseyed around Academy.  I had thought to grab Apache’s slush PVC, but I called that off due to the frosty hill.  We grabbed some wall around back for a 10 count, then 10 squats.  Then we hit the wall again for 10 murcans each down the line.  From there, we headed back to the COT for some more bells.

Back at the COT, we did 15 squats, 15 calf raises, and 15 clean and jerk with the bells.  We did this twice, and I added some bomb jacks in between for good measure.  We had to keep that blood moving, remember.  Next up, we started with 10 curls, 10 triceps extensions, and 10 upright rows. We rinsed and repeated, then moved on to the final phase.

Up to this point, I kept the boys off the ground.  We had to get some abs in though, so on your six.  We alternated John Deeres, Goblet Squats, and Shoulder Press with AmHams, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercurys, and a Lucky Charm trademark 10 count.  Each time we recovered I added in 15 SSTs to warm back up. Boy it was cold.


6 o’clock came and we hurried through announcements.  After a quick prayer, we headed out to the car rejuvenated and ready to HIM the day.  SO to Apache for his work at Great Falls! I thought he was fartsacking. We missed the Apache and Popeye show for sure this morning.


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