Ordinary vs. Extraordinary

    • When: 01/08/18
    • QIC: Popeye
    • The PAX: Reborn, Burgundy, Big House, PCH, Shrute, Pony Tail, Ripstick, YCH

It’s been quite sometime since I posted at one of the redwood original AO’s of Rock Hill, Old Town. It’s still by far one of the best AO’s around. I was honored to be asked to Q by Reborn.  The way it should be done.  We won’t diverge on that tangent just yet. But I, an ordinary fitness level guy, was asked to lead and as you know, Old Town is home to some of the best stair workouts around.


  • Warm Up
  • SSH X16 (IC)
  • Stretch – mostly due to the cold
  • IW X16 (IC)
  • Stretch
  • HBW X16 (IC)
  • Stretch
  • MNC X16 (IC)
  • Stretch (Honey Mooner)
  • MERKINS X16 (IC)

Why 16 you ask, well I meant to stop at 15, but this was not going to be an ordinary workout.

Mosey over to the seldom used pull up bars off Oakland Ave. Partner up

  • 1 Partner did 10 pull-ups while the other Partner did Merkins & Dips X2 Rounds
  • We utilized the wall at the same spot to do some squat muscle ups (A Big Guy AO staple)

We moseyed over to the Mason Lodge where we paused for a moment to talk.

I stopped to talk about why I hate cold weather and it was cold this gloomy morning. we stopped to say the pledge and think about the ordinary men and women living extraordinary lives standing watches around the world in our Military.

Moseyed into the Hot Box but this morning name change to Ice Box.

  • Round 1 Run up the steps to the top of the parking deck – single steps – run the ramps down.
  • Round 2 Run up to the top of the parking deck – double steps – run the ramps down.

10 Count to talk about the difference in the word ordinary vs. extraordinary.

We are starting a series book in my Sunday school class titled ‘Ordinary‘. How Jesus took 12 ordinary men, ordinary looking men, working ordinary jobs – then turned them into extraordinary men.  Who with Christ did extraordinary things and change other ordinary people to extraordinary in the eyes of God.

**Side note – The guy who wrote the book looks a lot like Padre (Tracy Turner).

Webster defines ordinary as: 1. with no special or distinctive features; normal. 2. what is commonplace or standard. usualnormalstandardtypicalcommoncustomaryhabitualeverydayregularroutineday-to-day

Webster defines Extraordinary as: very unusual or remarkable, exceptionalamazingastonishingastoundingsensationalstunningincredibleunbelievablephenomenal.  

It’s amazing how in the English language adding or subtracting a prefix of a word can change everything from negative to positive. Seven years ago just a couple of ordinary men started a morning workout group with the mission to turn other ordinary men into extraordinary men – who strive to become better via fitness, fellowship & faith. To become extraordinary husbands, fathers, & leaders.  In 2018 I’m personally going to strive my best to be become extraordinary living 3rd. To attempt to encourage my fellow PAX to live extraordinary 3rd. To attempt to live my family life extraordinary, versus just checking off the ordinary box in life.

Back to it –

Mosey to the steps of the St Johns Church front steps:

  • Single steps up & over
  • 10 Irkins
  • Double Steps up & normal run down
  • 10 dips
  • Floating steps up & over
  • 10 Derkins

Mosey to the steps in front of Freedom Temple Church

  • Jump Squats up
  • Lunge Squats up

Mosey around the corner for an Omaha on the wall behind the Getty’s Center to try some muscle Ups – It didn’t workout so well. So we used the loading dock to do some irkins and derkins.

Mosey over to the green stairs in the alley across the street.

Partner 1 did the picnic bench Merkin climb 10 on the ground 10 on the seat 10 at the top then back down while the other partner ran up the steps and back. Mosey back to beginning where we had to pay the train-man 10 Burpees.We finished how we started with the warm-up / now cool down.

Done. I hope my love of stair workouts was not ordinary for anyone this day. I hope it was Extraordinary.

In closing – in 2018 – Are you going to be an ordinary PAX member or site Q. Are you going to take the ordinary PAX member and push him out of his comfort zone and turn him extraordinary by asking him & giving him the honor of Qing. Or are you just going to send out the random ordinary Facebook post looking to fill up a Q list.  Remember men it’s an honor to Q.  Thank you Reborn for the honor of letting me lead this extraordinary group of #HIM.


Popeye OUT!





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