Y’all do burpees

    • When: 01/10/18
    • QIC: Ponytail and Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Schrute, Kelvin, Pot Roast, Atticus, Dawg Pound, Conseco, Mr. Big Stuff, Deacon, Red October, White Hat, Lock Pick

This morning 13 men gathered to sharpen their bodies and minds on one another.

Two ran away because they were afraid of the impending beating they could see brewing between Ponytail and YHC.

11 foolish men stayed and got better for it.

Tha Thang:

15 SSH IC, 10 Windmills IC, 10 Tempo Merkans IC

Mosey around the church where Ponytail grabbed the Q Stick and ran with it.


We grabbed a partner and a pair of blocks. Man one carried the blocks clockwise around the church while man two ran around counterclockwise. When the partners some back together they performed one burpee in unison and switched roles. The blocks continued to travel clockwise with the newly appointed block carrier while the new runner traversed the big loop around the church counterclockwise.

Since we all had blocks anyways it seemed like a good idea to use them for something else. We did a little tabata work- 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Curls, Curls, Tricep extensions, Bent over rows, and merkans on the block.

A little broga to stretch what ails you- down dog, up dog, warrior 1, chaturanga, rinse and repeat.

Another set of tabata

We made two roughly equal groups and it was time for a little PHOP shuffle.

Two men race across the parking lot carrying two blocks each. Before they leave they call out an exercise for the others to do until the next set races away.

I heard diamond merkans, low slow squats, LBCs, SSH, and many other good, friendly workouts. After all we are all brothers in gloom.

In the mumble chatter we even had one man remark that everyone was being exceedingly kind in their calls. Dawg pound, why must you tempt fate?

Enter Mr. Big Stuff-

This dastardly fiend dropped a bomb on the PAX as he ran away in terror of the consequences of his actions.

“Y’all do burpees!”

The boom of his voice resonated off of the ground and nearly drowned out the desperate cries of terror and dismay emanating from the men he had tried to crush.

In his eye, there was a terrible gleam of joy as he uttered these words. The ability to give pain and not have to pay the consequences seems to have brought out the worst in this man.

I guess that happens when you start getting older- #Respect, almost (Can I get an Oooooooo from the audience?- It’s ok for me to poke the bear, he’s going to be on Q soon).

By some strange coincidence the PHOP shuffle ended soon after and we did one final round of tabata before putting away the blocks and gathering in a COT.

Sometimes I think that the nasty, gritty, and fragrant ball of man is the most important part of the workout. We discussed upcoming events. We shared thoughts and prayers for those in need of healing and those that are lost. We discussed how men can change the world to make it better for the next generation.

I do want to call out several things specifically that I noticed today:

  • Schrute and Kelvin- Sticking with the running thing is impressive. You guys are going to crush P200. I look forward to seeing you at the finish line (probably a few hours after you finish).
  • Pot Roast- It is hard to get out of bed and go some mornings. But you did it well and without complaint. Keep posting brother.
  • Ponytail- Stepping up and taking responsibility is something many people shy away from. I have seen you do it again and again. Men like you make a difference in our community and world.
  • Atticus and Dawg pound- Good to have you back posting on a regular basis. Let me know when you are ready to Q again.
  • Conseco- I appreciate the push you provide me with every time. The pre-runs and the push to get better are appreciated more than you know.
  • Mr. Big Stuff- I always enjoy seeing you out brother. Great on the workout side and the mumble chatter side.
  • Deacon- I love the emphasis you have on service. It is good to see a man bring passion to the betterment of his community. Anyone can workout. It’s the works out of the gloom you do that reveal compassion and desire to lift up others that need help that are so inspiring.
  • Red October, Lock Pick, White Hat- These newer guys are bringing the heat. I am glad to see you fit in here at PHOP, and in the Rock Region in general. I can’t wait to see what you can do with all of our toys when you Q for the first time at PHOP.
  • As always, I appreciate every man that posted this morning. It was an honor and privilege to lead you today.

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