Count on it

    • When: 1/11/18
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Smiley Face (R), Reborn, Polymer, Atticus, Windex, Stinky, Pop-up, Roxanne, Jester, Herbie, Ponytail (R), Ringo, Socrates, Tombstone, Italian Job

YHC had the privilege to share the Gloom with 14 other PAX for a seasonably warm (upper 40s) damp workout at ManU. Our theme today was counting. Read on to see why.

The Thang

  • 15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 15 MNCs (IC)
  • Left over Right
  • Right over Left
  • 25 SSHs (IC)
  • 15 Dips
  • 15 Derkins
  • 15 Irkins
  • 25 Step Ups each leg


Partner up – one partner runs while the other exercises, then flapjack. Totals were aggregate.

  • 200 Merkins
  • 200 LBCs
  • 400 Squats


  • Elevens (Calf Raises/Bomb Jacks)


  • 5 Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 5 MNCs (IC)
  • Left over Right
  • Right over Left
  • 15 SSHs (IC)


I borrowed the workout above from Raleigh PAX “Science and Math.” Partially through the workout, I found it more difficult to keep track of the counting than the work itself. It reminded me that it is nice to have others with you to help you stay on track. F3 has given me many guys I can count on. They remind me to count my blessings. They help me keep count of the reps when my mumblechatter derails the workout. Counting is a good thing. It provides structure and helps us to reach our goals.

However, counting can also distract us. In a season of new resolutions, it is easy to count the things others have that we want. When we count the square footage of our neighbor’s house, the cost of their new car, or the size of their bank account, we begin to compare ourselves to them. That comparison often sets unrealistic expectations that are rooted in selfishness. Rather than desiring what they have, we should instead focus on what we have. Aspiring to be better is one thing, but aspiring to have more “stuff” to keep up with our neighbors is a fruitless effort. When you compare yourself to others, you will always come up short. Count your blessings and not others.


Italian Job


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