Mungo Enters Wally World

    • When: 01/12/18
    • QIC: Mungo
    • The PAX: PCH, Mungo, Jag, Anchor Bar, Bill Nye, Schrute, Gridlock, Catfish, Mr. Big Stuff, Mud Puddle, Toot Toot, Honey Pot

It was a nice 43 degree weather morning at Wally World. Windy which made it feel a little colder, but hey who can beat wearing shorts to a workout again.


Mungo started with a warm up

Low Slow Squats

Then up the hill to the bank

I can’t seem to remember the exact warm up at the top of the hill.

Then Mungo Proceeded to have us to Balls to the Wall with a Push up variation.

After this he had us pair into groups of three(Honeypotting) to perform an Indian run back to COT start and back up the hill to the bank.

Another round of Balls To The Wall, along with some burpees.

At this point we had lost three Pax that decided to go get some longer miles in.

We took time to try to find them, during that time we did the pledge and continued our journey.


The Thang

Ran over to YMCA Aquatic Center

At the paved path we did one burpee at each light all the way down the sidewalk.

We then looped back around through the neighborhood and headed back to the Aquatic Center.

We paired up and did Wheelbarrows up the steps. Once done it was getting close to time.


Oh we made it back to the bank for some other exercises. Blueprint showed up to call out a workout… Actually Mungo just thought that he did….


We headed back to COT.



We ended with several prayers for pax over the next few days.

Mungo spoke about a missing hole in his heart that has always been present and the importance of filling it with Jesus.

The word is a powerful thing and we must try to fill ourselves daily.

Overall we ran about 3.5-4 miles.



The Riddler Out!


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