The Rooster CSAUP Captains Email

    • When: 01/20/18
    • QIC: The Riddler
    • The PAX: All of F3Nation

One Week and a few days! We have about 152 folks signed up at the moment which is amazing!

With the large turn out we do want to be considerate of the parking spaces at the coliseum.
So here is what we are asking of you:
Please Clown Car(Carpool) in, whether you are local or coming from an hour away the less cars, the less space we take up at the stadium, the better.
So ride together if you can.

Food/Non-Event Lake goers/Bathrooms
Also we will be out there for a few hours so feel free to bring snacks and water to hydrate during the break periods that you have.
We know that many teams will be transitioning quickly, we also need to be aware of some non-event folks using the path at the lake. Be courteous to them as you pass,
as members of F3/FIA we are expected to leave a place better then we found it. So let’s hold to that.

I wanted to also note we are working with a vendor to have restrooms on site. If you are like me I tend to go about 26 times per event, thanks BRR/P200.
We are still working on finalizing all logistics at the lake so we will have a parking map and details as soon as possible.

Additional T-Shirt Order
Wanted to also mention shirt orders are back open, this second round will not make it to you before the event. This however allows you to pick up this awesome shirt once more.
As usual with MudGear 12 shirts means that we go to production. https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-rooster-csaup-event-pre-order?variant=4163314712617

Transition Bands
We will be providing wrist bands for transitioning between teammates, you will be responsible for tracking your time.
At the end you will write your team Name and Total Time on the wrist band and turn in for results.

If you have any other questions or have replacement needs for team members let us know. There will be a few folks without a team joining us. So at anytime you need a sub we may
be able to accommodate you! An additional email will be sent out once everything is ready to go!

We are really looking forward to this event and seeing everyone for this awesome 1st F/2nd F event!

For now the Address is below and attached is a tentative map
Winthrop Lake
Address: 1162 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, SC 29730
Time: 7am – 11:30am



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