Comz Update for the Rock Region

    • When: 01/13/18
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: All of the Rock Region

A warning–this is lengthy–but if you want the scoop on all things Comz in the Rock Region, I encourage you to read to the bottom. Aye! – Schrute


The definition of Comz in F3 Nation is the following: COMZ: The Q’s Commitment to Accelerating the quality of communication within his Group.”


With that, we’ve been working on some things in Comz for the Rock Region and I’m pleased to announce some changes that have happened recently.


First of all, need to give TClaps where they are due:

  • TClaps to Apache – Who created the first FaceBook group that we used in the Rock Region. (The Brothers of F3Nation) This group has grown to over 1000 Pax from multiple Regions and has been, and will continue to be an extremely important tool in Comz for all of F3Nation.
  • TClaps to Popeye – Who has been the “unofficial, official video guy” for the Rock Region. His talent and ability to tell our story through the form of Video has excited Pax from all around F3Nation, and we’re better off because of his talent. If you’ve not seen some of his creations, look here. You’ll be better for it.
  • TClaps to Incoming – Who continues to run the Backend of our website – F3RockRegion.com (also accessible from F3RockHill.com and F3TheRock.com)
  • TClaps to Solid State, Gears, and Old Bay – These men provided the basis for Rock Region Comz as we #starfished from The Fort.


Now, a bit of history:


When I joined F3 almost three years ago, Comz for F3Nation was centered around two platforms:

  1. Twitter: Mostly for mumblechatter between regions
  2. F3Nation.com: Used for BackBlasts, Maps, schedules, etc.


Since that time, the avenues for gaining information about F3Nation and specifically F3 Rock Region have grown enormously. Due to the growth of F3Nation, the decision was made in early 2017 (and implemented in July 2017) to #starfish the regional websites. Twitter has continued to be an important source for #mumblechatter and #comz for our region and others. Some regions have begun to use Slack or Band as communication platforms for region specific #comz.


Finally, Riddler has joined our #comz team as our Comz Q – Social Media. He’s also beginning to use data to help us and guide us as we continue to #accelerate. With #HIM in this role, we have seen a massive expansion in the reach of our social media platforms. We’ve even begun to EH through social media!


On the Comz side, we’re trying to continue Dredd’s idea (often mentioned by Apache) of 43 feet ahead. This means that it won’t always be perfect, but we’re here to serve the Pax and meet their needs. Hopefully, you won’t deal with us or see us much. That’s the design, if all goes well.


With that, let’s recap where we are and where we are going: (click any of the links below to follow or join)

  1. F3RockRegion.com This remains the central place for all things Rock Region. We have backblasts, preblasts, maps, schedules all here. If there’s one place for you to participate, its here. If you’re Qing a workout, or a site Q; its expected that your write backblasts and post them here. (By the way, if something needs to be changed here, let me know. Contact info is below.)
  2. Twitter – @F3RockHill – Our Twitter account is more active than ever, thanks to our Twitter Q’s: YHC, Catfish, and Riddler. We try to monitor this daily and retweet information that comes across.
  3. FaceBook page- @F3RockHill – Our FaceBook page automatically posts Backblasts and Preblasts from F3RockRegion.com (#automation FTW!), has schedules for events and workouts, and many more things. Look for some live streams to come out of this account soon.
  4. Instagram – @F3RockHill – Our Instagram account is a collection of photos from the past and current events. This account is in its infancy, and I’m excited to see how we grow here.


And finally, for the new thing:

The F3 Rock Region FaceBook group: The Brothers of F3Nation group has proved to be an invaluable resource for our growth as a region. Rock Region leadership decided to create a group to help #accelerate the Comz for our Region. The original group has members from all of F3Nation in it (over 1000!). The purpose of this group is for the approximately 600 Rock Region Pax only to build community with the same men that we post with on a daily basis. This group will also integrate tightly with our other platforms, especially our FaceBook page.


Like all things in F3Nation–there is no requirement to participate in any of these mediums above.  The only expectation is that you post Backblasts on the Region site when you Q a workout. These are all simply avenues to communicate as a region. We encourage you to communicate in the ways that you deem fit and are making a commitment to continue to support all the mediums above, including the original FaceBook group started by Apache. 


We will continue to try to stay 43 feet ahead in all we do!


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments (or need to tell me to stop being some techy guy and get off your lawn), please contact me (or grab me at a workout):

Twitter: @chris_m_odom

FaceBook: @odomchristopher (Chris Odom)

Email: christopher.m.odom at gmail.com (switch the at for @)


Thank you for the opportunity to serve.



Comz (IT) Q for F3 Rock Region

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