I Don’t Always Work Hard, But When I Do, SO DO MY F3 BROTHERS!

    • When: 01/13/2018
    • QIC: Walker
    • The PAX: Mr, Big Stuff, Toot Toot, Bull Dog, Winchester, Bubble Head, Cracker Jack, Peach, Anchor Bar, JAG, Mayflower, Samarai, Walker (QIC)

Eleven high impact men joined your YHC for a little workout on a moderately cold Saturday morning.  The disclainer was given and we then moseyed to the York Road Elementary School to conduct our work.  Here’s what we did:

Warmup:   Side stradle hops, body squats, dynamic stretching.


1) Starfish routine with concentration on merkins and squats.  40 squats peformed in the center of pattern and 40 standard merkins, 40 wide arm merkins, 40 diamond merkins, and 40 total hand staggered merkins (20 each side) performed at each corner of the pattern, with 40 more merkins performed in the center of the pattern to finish the routine.  Total number of markins and squats performed was 200 for each exercise.

2)  Super Sets and Ab Lab:  Moseyed to the playground equipment area and performed the following exercises:  3 rounds of 10 plyometric lunges followed by 5 chin ups, 15 heels to heaven ab crunches, heels 6 inches of ground for 60 seconds, 10 woodchopper V- Ups (each side), 5 rounds of 5 plyometric lunges followed by 2 chin ups.

3)  Elevens:  Ladder workout consisting of merkins and squats with a 25 yard run in between exercise stations.  Total number of merkins and squats performed was 55  for each exercise.

4)  Total run mileage during workout was approximately 2 miles.

COT:  I talked about 2 Corinthians 5:19-20 which tells us how God reconciled himself to us through Jesus Christ and that we needed to reconcile ourselves to Him as well.  We lifted up several people through prayer within and without F3 and shared some announcments. Afterwards, we conducted the Name- A – Rama.

I enjoyed hanging out with the brothers and leading the workout.  The guys worked hard and had me chuckling a few times throughout the routines.  It’s an honor to know and work with such high impact men!

Walker Out!




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