“I don’t want to, ask someone else.”

    • When: 01/15/18
    • QIC: Chuckie
    • The PAX: Smiley Face (Respect), Van Damm, PCH, Big Fundamental (Welcome back buddy), Waterbiy, Padeye, Jelly, Incoming, Honey Pot, Dial Tone, Anchor Bar (Respect), Rip Stick, Bashful (Respect, Respect & welcome back), Ponytail (Respect), Chuckie (Respect).

15 #HIM assembled on a chilly morning as YHC (Chuckie) led the workout @Independence.  I clarified how I got my F3 name.  It was not after John Gruden or the 80’s Chuckie horror character.  It’s because I wore high top Chuck Taylor’s my first two weeks of workouts.  Bad mistake but you go with what you have.  Aye?

After all that I gave the disclaimer and we spoke the 5 principles of F3.

Warm up


R over L 15 count from Van Damm

L over R I asked Bashful to give us a 15 count but he said he didn’t want to I should ask someone else.  Which started the laughter and mumble chatter for the morning.  Now YHC knew Bashful would say that.  So Anchor Bar was Bashful’s proxy for the 15 count.

Imperial Walkers 20 IC (See Anchor Bar I can count IW’s.  The mirror does wonders for practicing IW’s)

Moroccan Nightclubs 30 IC

The Thang

Mosey from COT up Charlotte Ave to University Drive and on to the flag pole for a Padeye led Pledge of Allegiance.  Asked Bashful for a 10 count and he gave a very quick 10.  Then YHC said lets mosey.  Bashful commented “If I knew you were going to do that I would have counted slower.”  Which brought more laughter and mumble chatter.

Mosey to the mini Stonehedge on the campus.  Where we did 15 erkins IC and then 10 derkins IF.  Mosey to the front of Burns Hall (well I think it was Burns) where we paired up for some partner cumulative exercises.  One partner runs around the building other partner starts with 150 derkins, switch runners, then 200 squats and finally 300 LBC’s.  We went and picked up the six.

Mosey back to the COT for a message about waiting on God.

Ab lab for final 4 minutes with 4 PAX choosing their favorite AB exercises.

Name-A-Rama done, announcements made, prayers and praises lifted to the Sky Q.  YHC closed the morning in prayer in a ball of man circle.

Want to thank Van Damm for allowing me to lead the leaders of the Rock Region this morning.  It was an honor to be on the field of battle with you this morning my brothers.  AYE!  Chuckie out!

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