The 4 Big Guy’s

    • When: 01/15/18
    • QIC: Apache
    • The PAX: Spartacus, Popeye, 155, and YHC

On This Monday Morning it was an absolute Honor and Pleasure to lead these men who braved the Extreme Temperatures.

They are extreme compared to the fartsack, which for most is a warm, soft, and comfortable place, that on occasion and depending on what your dinner habits are, has the smell of a foul odor when you pull the covers over your M’s head, while she is sleeping. #JustSaying

I learned this term in the Army.

The many nights in my sleeping bag zipped completely close, except for a single hole, breathing purposes.

Over the night , while you slept, the sleeping bag would fell of natural gases… hence the name “Fart Sack”

Now back to the program,

Four of us met at the Big Guy AO and the declaimer was given, and YHC gave the PAX of 4 a hint of the morning’s activities RUN/BOOTCAMP and heavy on The Run

  • Run 1 mile + Boot Camp / Active Rest = NO 10 Counts X 4 Gents = 4.25 miles
  • After each mile BOOTCAMP each PAX called and in Cadence and then we ROLLED OUT!!!

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We covered some ground and learned a lot about each other and ourselves.. For me it was special to push the guys, but being pushed when I needed  it, when I was thinking I can’t do anymore. That’s the reason behind this. pushing ourselves for betterment in the trials of life..





At the end we discussed something that has been on my mind and living this battle against that Sad Clown that effects us all.

I call it “The Four Mirror effect”.

As High Impact Men we have a lot riding on our shoulders.

  • Family Stress
  • Work Stress
  • health and sickness stress
  • Past burdens
  • and just trials of life that will wear you down

I can go on and on. Its like being in a room of mirrors, and each mirror is a different stress. I have narrowed it down to four mirrors that I need to worry about…

The mirror in front of me. why because that’s the way my lord and savoir sees me, its the most pure vision of who I am and he sees me into my heart and soul

The mirror left of me, why because that’s the way my wife and family sees me, because they are closes to my heart and I can feel them when my heart beats

The mirror right of me, why because that’s the way my friends and shield locks see me, because they are my right hand. There day and night thru the trials of life

The mirror behind me is a two way mirror for me to look thru, to see where I came from and learn from each day. How to better myself and continue trying to Live The Third…

That’s it. That’s what The older Apache is thinking about theses days the mirrors don’t lie and we should check our appearance out on a regular basis

Aye Apache


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