Apathy – is this what happens after almost 4 years of F3??

    • When: 01/16/18
    • QIC: Catfish
    • The PAX: All PAX


I need a moment of your time, an opportunity to open up, a chance to confess, and to issue a call to action.

As a member of the Rock Region leadership, as a member of this greater community of F3 #PAX, I have become apathetic. I’ve gotten lazy on #backblasts. I’ve not pushed myself out of the fartsack on mornings where I should have. I’ve not invested myself into this region like I’ve done in the past. I haven’t pushed to EH has many guys as I have in the past. I’ve not made an effort to get to the AOs who have VQ’s on the days I’m posting.

I’ve gotten comfortable.

I realized this the other day and it scared me…it scared me a lot. I’ve often said that F3 is what we make it. It grows because we grow it and it will die if we let it. Well, this comfort could be the start of letting it die and I do not want to see that happen!

We all have our F3 story, how it turned us into stronger men, physically, spiritually, and mentally! It makes us stronger, more effective leaders, it pushes us out of our comfort zones and encourages us to grow!

When The Rock Region started, there was a core of 15 – 20 #PAX who were on fire for this crazy thing called F3. We reached out to buddies who we knew could use it! We circled around #PAX as they struggled and celebrated their successes! We were a tight knit group! As the Region grew, these bonds weakened. The number of AOs blossomed and the number of #PAX active in our region exploded! Our growth was so astronomic that we made ripples (or should I save WAVES) through F3 Nation!

As I talked about my current struggles with Pony Tail on a preruck the other morning he stopped me midsentence. He’d felt the same struggles, not only in himself but also in our region. As we talked, I realized I’d seen it too. I was just too lazy, too busy, too whatever to jump in with both feet and start affecting the change I wanted to see.

Well, here’s my call to the #PAX of the Rock Region.

HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! Accountable to you, accountable to the region, accountable to growing this crazy, sweat-inducing thing we all love!

But be prepared because I’m going to hold you accountable too. This region, this F3 nation is not a one-man band. It takes all of us to keep our region growing, to keep sharpening each other into the men we’re called to be!

So, #PAX support your Qs. If they stumble, pick them up. If they drop the ball on planning a workout, let them know (but be graceful because the favor should be returned when needed!). Strive to lead! Lead your first workout, get with the #PAX and do a #CSAUP, start thinking of ways you can lead better at home, at church, at work, and within your community! Hold yourself accountable and ask your brothers to hold you accountable! Watch the gossip, it’s cancerous! Have an issue with another #PAX, address it with them or with someone who can help fix it! We all love #WaterCoolerTalk – but let those topics be about how bad the last workout sucked or the latest ball game. Down talking our brothers doesn’t make us better, it makes us average! Put effort into planning your Qs. Men don’t post to these early (and frigid right now!) workouts for you to lead them on a rambling gypsy camp of a workout. Lay out a plan, make it hard, and work the plan! Show your brothers that you respect them coming to your workout and I guarantee the respect will be returned 10 fold! Do your #backblasts! Create a record of the work the #PAX put in and who was there to share it in! It creates a legacy that #PAX can reflect upon when planning their Qs and it gives #PAX the ability to recreate the moments we shared in the gloom! And keep your eyes open for growth and leadership in all three of the Fs!

Now this is specific to Site Qs (but all #PAX should be prepared to be a Site Q!!) so grab your shovel flag and let’s dive in. #SiteQs invest in your #PAX. There is a core group of #HIMs that come out week after week, you know who they are. Find one or two #PAX to invest yourself in! Invest in your Qs. It’s an honor to be asked to Q! Check out Popeye’s #backblast on this (LINK) – invest in the men who make up this region! Don’t dilute that honor by not treating the Q schedules with respect! #SiteQs help your Qs plan their workouts (if they need it) and make sure they can create their #backblasts. If they can’t, get them in touch with #COMZ or write it for them, but ultimately the responsibility of a #backblast is yours! Keep your eyes on the #FNGs and newer #PAX as they grow. Some guys post and are ready to Q the next week and others take a while to get comfortable with the idea. It’s on us to coach these guys up, to get them to Q a warm up if they aren’t comfortable with the full workout. New, effective, well planned Qs are a breath of life into the region, help facilitate these! Promote your AO! There are a multitude of social media outlets available to help with this – USE THEM! It’s hard to attract new #PAX to your AO if they don’t hear about it! Get excited about your scheduled Qs and talk them up in #COTs during the week. If you need help with advertising hit up #COMZ. Riddler has done an awesome job with our social media stuff (#OldManSpeak) and I’m sure he’d love to share his knowledge! Finally… #SiteQs, if you need help, ask! If you notice a decline in attendance or if you’re struggling with the Q schedule, get with the Region’s leadership team, get with another #SiteQ, hit up a tenured #PAX. The majority of the guys with a several years under their belt have been to a workout with only 2 or 3 #PAX. There’s a lot of experience within our region, tap into it! Don’t keep your frustrations bottled up! F3 is supposed to be fun, let’s keep it that way!

Gents, I look forward to what 2018 will bring the Rock Region! We’ve got #TheRooster just around the corner, #TheFort is hosting #TheYeti next month, the #P200 in March, #TheHogAndCoyote will be back this summer, rucking is growing in the region and I’m sure there will be plenty of other #CSUAP events for us to grow together through!

See you in the gloom!

Catfish … out!

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