Lets find that Beach Bod

    • When: 1/24/18
    • QIC: Honeypot
    • The PAX: Sandlot, Blueprint, Apache, Herby, Fusion, Ringo, Burgundy, Jag, Dial Tone, Honeypot

Disclaimer was given


25 SSH (IC)

20 Wind Mill (IC)

20 Hill Billy Walkers (IC)

The Thing

Every half mile or so we would stop and do 100 LBC (IC) and 50 mountain climbers (IC).

We started the long way around York Tech. We stopped twice at YT. Then we mosey to Family Trust and did another set. We then mosey across the street to Manchester soccer fields for partner leg throws. Each person did a total of 100 each. After a quick 10 count we mosey back to YT and did another set of LBC and Mountain Climbers. We also did 30 Rosalita’s  and 30 hell dollies. After that was up we long mosey back to the COT.

After we ran a mile or two Apache wonted to change Fusion name to Dry Sheet because he smelled so fresh and clean.


LBC – 400 (IC)

Mountain Climbers – 200 (IC)

Hello Dollies – 30 (IC)

Rosalita’s  – 30 (IC)

Leg Throws 100 per person

Count off



Prayer and Praise

We prayed over Herby at the COT.

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