5 @ Wally World lead from the six by Anchor Bar

    • When: 01/25/18
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: Mud Puddle, PCH, Gridlock, Toot Toot, Anchor Bar (R)

Where did the “spring” weather go that we enjoyed earlier this week.  With it being another chilly morning in the gloom, the goal was to keep moving, so no surprises here.  Since we are at a running AO we would be running .  The pax that decide to brave the cold waited as long as possible in their cars with one exception.  PCH was out running early to get some extra credit.

As the 0500 hour approached we gathered and the disclaimer was given.  We warmed up with some Side Straddle Hops (IC) and Windmills (IC).  We did a couple stretches for a 10 count each then we were ready to roll.  The pax were informed of our first destination so they could go ahead and run at their own pace.  Once we all completed a circuit through the first neighborhood, we continued on into the Miller’s Pond development to our destination for the main event.  Along the way, there was some mumble chatter about the hill repeats that occurred at Wall Street earlier in the week.  I informed them that we would be doing more of the same at the nasty hill in Miller’s Pond.  One pax aptly referred to it as the Dead Zone because that’s how I felt when we were finished.

We gathered at the bottom of the hill and instructions were given.  We began with 10 squats OYO, “sprinted” to the top and did a slow mosey back to the bottom.  We rinsed and repeated five times.  By the time we all finished it was time to make our way back to the AO following the same route.  When we got to the entrance of the first neighborhood, Mud Puddle had to leave us.  The rest of us completed a circuit through the neighborhood and finally made our way back to the AO.

We cooled down with a couple stretches and finished up with the COT.

We did the Count-o-rama, video Name-o-rama, announcements and praises & prayer requests.  I closed us out with prayer.

As always, it is an honor to lead.

-Anchor Bar out

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