Recon: 4 HIM for some laps at a jog/sprint pace on the NEW track @ Sullivan Middle School

    • When: 01/25/18
    • QIC: Penny Pincher
    • The PAX: Catfish, Honeypot, Slow Pitch

The Track

Let’s be honest, a lot of us don’t include sprinting in our comfort zones for a workout. That’s where track work comes in. It’s less intense than hill sprints, but more demanding than a mosey (I know that is a big gap between those two). The point is we need to find a way to work on speed that is more inclusive for a range of conditioning levels.

During my time in F3, I have heard many of the brothers voice their struggles with running AOs. I have heard from both the brothers who normally lead the pack and those who are normally the six.  I think the consensus is everyone wants to get faster, which is difficult to work on for a group that has some that will need to do a mix of run and walk if they try to push themselves past their comfort zone for the whole workout.

Track work will provide us with a way to keep the intensity up for those who can go the whole hour, and still be next to their brothers to encourage and challenge them to complete what they can. It is a great way to set more aggressive goals without worrying about overdoing it during the workout to where you slow everyone else down. This way, it can truly be you against you. This will also be a great chance for us to practice the phrase “iron sharpens iron” by putting more emphasis on encouraging our brothers past their limits.

With that in mind, I will try to model the workout ideas in a way that acknowledges the different levels of conditioning our brothers will come in. And most importantly, we have to properly warm up and stretch to avoid injuries as much as possible. Together, we can make these workouts fun and inclusive for all PAX!#modify

Here is what we did:

2 lap warm up (800m)



  • Standing reach toes stretch
  • Standing Right leg over left and vice-versa
  • Sitting legs together reach toes stretch
  • Sitting legs a part alternate reaching for left and right toes
  • Butterflies
  • Here’s a list of stretches I didn’t do: http://www.stretch-exercises.com/exercises/lower-body/index.html
  • In retrospect, I would have done a set of stretches between laps because of how cold it was.


  • 1 lap – 200m jog to 100m sprint to 100m jog


  • 1 lap – jog curves and sprint straightaways


  • 2 laps at a moderate pace


  • 1 lap- 300 meter jog into sprinting the last 100 meters


  • 2 laps at a moderate pace


  • 2 laps – Jog curves and increase to moderate sprint pace on straightaways for 2 laps


  • 1 lap – 300 meter jog into sprinting the last 100 meters


  • 2 laps – at moderate pace, but sprint the last 100 meters of the 2nd lap.


  • Cool down mile or 4 laps.

We ended with COT, announcements, and prayer requests.

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