Rooster CSAUP: Event Recap

    • When: 1/20/18
    • QIC: The Riddler
    • The PAX: Bret Meek, Shane Stinnett, Jason Waugh, Rod Smallwood, Kenneth Rominger jr, Swayze, Shankopotamus, Matlock, Happy Trees, Defect, KoRn, Chernobyl, Cutter, Laces Out, Chilly Willy, Pusher, Atticus, Quack Attack, Flat Tire, Backdraft, Reborn, Canseco, Walker, The Flash, Ringo, Ponytail, Vuvu, Backpack, Schrute, The Riddler, Slow Pitch, HoneyPot, Ryder, Italian Job, Penny Pincher, Big Fundamental, Mr. Big Stuff, Anchor Bar, Danger Zone, Big House, Apache, Popeye, Burgundy, Winchester, Roxanne, Van damme, Herbie, Padeye, Jelly, Incoming, PCH, Mongo, RipStick, Goose, Loftin, Blueprint, Pescador, Sandlot, Daffy Duck, Samson, Smiley Face Headlights, Kindergarten Cop, Pikachu, Toot Toot, Iron Sights, Bull, Jester, Fair-Weather, Atlas, GridLock, Dawg Pound, Dial Tone, Gameboy, Flop, Samurai, Peach, VDub, Money Bags, Mayflower, Pizza Man, Freight, Def Leppard, ToolTime, Quiche, Defib, Sargento, Tyson, Gastone, Roscoe, Wilson, Wino, Mermaid, Terminix, Doodle, Qbert, Royale, Witch Hunt , DaVinci, Jedi, Cake Boss, Old Bay, Gecko, Gears, Ginsu, NASA, Router, Bear Grylls, Peg, Shakespeare, MinuteMan, ChaChing, Fish Sticks, Spud, RAD, Repeat, Olaf, Funhouse, Rooney, Jekyll, Sauerkraut, Birdcage, Skateordie, Ringer, Erector, Posse, Jingles, Old McDonald, Ranger, Landshark, Dark Helmet, Bounty, Winnebago, Geronimo, Catfish, CSPAN, Cobra Kai, Matrix, WWL, Paul Bunyan, Fryin’ Pan, Hawkeye, Romeo, Yankee(FIA), Hood(FIA), Genesis(FIA), Gypsy(FIA), Band-Aid(FIA), Forest(FIA), Anna Beth(FIA), Legal Eagle(FIA), Bulldog(FIA), Spider Monkey(FIA), G-Word(FIA), Speedy(FIA), Salt(FIA), Beehive(FIA), Lonestar(FIA), Jazzy(FIA), Pacer(FIA), WhiteHat, Kelvin, SGT York, Longshanks, MacGuyver, General, Tiffany(M Of Jedi and fastest runner on course)

So I know it has been over a week since we had about 170+ individuals show up to compete as a team in the inaugural Rooster event held at Winthrop lake!

We had planned over months and months, I checked the course, mapping it out mixing up miles and making this CSAUP very much an interesting/fun 1stF 2ndF event.

Well, all in all our pax ended up running as a team about 39 miles for an event that was advertised as a marathon. However we did realize that everyone had a great time filled with laughter and good bit of competition.

Logistically speaking we worked with Winthrop to get the course available to us from 7am – 11:30am. We had Porta-Johns donated that were placed by the starting line/transition point, and we got signs up marking the course. We also thanks to Blue Print were able to procure a generator for the speaker to announce to the large crowd that we had.

To start the race Popeye(Trent Faris) gave a talk about the events that happened in York County with the passing of Detective Mike Doty. It was very much something that put what we had this day in perspective, and thankful for the men and women in blue that protect us, laying their lives on the line for us.

Around 7:11am we were off, and as expected the Team Called the Blazing Roosters took an early lead. We did have three two people Ultra Teams sign up. The talk of the event was the M of Jedi(Tiffany). She was by far the fastest competitor on the course and these three teams kept up with the leading five many team for a majority of the race.

In the end the Blazing Roosters still maintained their lead and finished the race. They did however only finish a little over 8 seconds before the Two Person Ultra Team of The General out of SOB and Tiffany.

There were also two rucking crews that day one led by Dark Helmet which chose to run the event with a 20+ pound ruck. After the first lap I thought we were going to lose Helmut, he came in looking really pale. He and his team did rebound with an impressive effort.

On the other Ruck Team CSPAN led the charge with their teaming doubling up for laps to meet our small deadline for the event.

We had many other teams start to double up as our time came to an end and each team needed to finish. So like any hard work out we had some modifications. Four Teams running five man groups did not modify the event finishing and punching the Rooster right in the face!

Also big shout out to FIA RockHill and FIA York for stepping out of their comfort zone putting in work against the men of F3. Great showing by them and a great community of High Impact Females!

Many great highlights and we were also thankful for Fleet Feet providing water/nutrition:

5 Gallons of NUUN
4 Gallons of UCAN
24 GUs

Photos from the race can be found here

More photos will be uploaded soon including the Winners Trophy/Winning Team

There is also a Patch Order which you can contact Catfish Via Twitter here


Five man Relay

First Place: The Blazing Roosters

Second Place: Honey Potting

Third Place: Cool Runnings

Fourth Place: Calf Crushers

Rucking Teams

First Place: Go Ruck Yourself

Second Place: Ruck Walkers

Ultra Teams

1st Place: Crazies Only

2nd Place: Showoffs

3rd Place: Hidden Valley Ranch Boyz

For full team results click here


We also put out a survey for next year which you can complete here

Some results and updates for next year

We will move the porta-johns

Start/Transition Point will be larger

Finish Line will be seperate from Start/Transition Point

We will look to get an official timing method in place

We will limit the race to just around the lake

We will either have teams complete 26 loops or 26.2 miles exactly

We will work with Winthrop to provide more time for the event next year

Next year will still be F3/FIA Only

We will potentially have a few additional sponsors to provide free support next year

We will look to collect funds for the race to cover the cost of the event and any extra will be donated to a Charity


If you have anything you would like to help out with for the event next year to make it better please let us know via the survey or you can email me The Riddler – Chowie2@mac.com

We are so thankful for all the PAX that came out from Multiple Regions to Support this event! We hope to have you out again next year, and for you to bring more. There will be space and the race will be even better!

Also I would be Remiss to not thank Blueprint for all the behind the scenes organization and Ponytail for being our community engagement for getting the contract to run the race at the lake.


Thanks for a great event – see you in 2019!

The Riddler!

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