Hill Repeats

    • When: 01/30/18
    • QIC: Honeypot
    • The PAX: Ponytail, Sandlot, Gauge, Slow Pitch, PCH, Mongo, Danger Zone, Jag, Tot Tot, Pescadores, Honeypot, Ryder, Klinger

Disclaimer was given



R over L

L over R

Long Mosey to Winthrop Rd at a steady good pace. When you get to Winthrop Rd pick up the 6.

The Thing

On Alexander rd we did hill sprints to the red light.

Distance was 0.12 miles.

Run up the hill at your 5K pace, then run down the hill at your 10k or MP pace.

We did this several times. Maybe 8 times.

10 count at the top.

Mosey around CVS towards the Commons then back to Westminster church.

At Westminster we did more hill sprints. 5k pace up the hill and jog back down the hill. rinse and repeat several times.

10 count

Long mosey to Edward Jones hill.

On the Edward Jones hill we did several hill repeats.

Up the hill at 10k pace down the hill at 5k pace.

slow jog back to COT

Count Off



Prayer and Praise






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