A game of Uno (and Walker hates Merkins)

    • When: 02/01/18
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: Anchor Bar, Tombstone, Water Boy, White Hat, Bull, Walker, Sandlot, Fusion, Schrute

YHC joined 8 others this morning for a bit of fun at the Tavern. Riddler asked me to take his Q today due to his getting accustomed to being a Dad and getting his 2.0 ready for the day every day. I was glad to do it as I hadn’t Qed a workout since November 8th.


However, I realized earlier this week that I had tweaked my IT band chasing Sgt. York and Kelvin (fast) at PHOP last week, so I needed to modify this workout from my normal workout of lots of running, merkins, and squats. I think what ended up happening turned out to be pretty good.


Mosey over behind Harris Teeter. Butt Kickers to first lightpole, High Knees to second, and so on to end.

Come back with Toy Soldiers and Nur.


SSH x 20

Windmill x 10

Low Slow Squat x 20

Merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 20

Carolina Dry Docks x 15

Moroccan Night Clubs x 20

Mosey around Harris Teeter back to Hickory Tavern

Three years ago, I remember Cake Boss doing an workout with us with a deck of cards and a whiteboard of exercises assigned to those cards. I thought it was a great idea at the time, and we’ve done it multiple times since. I wanted something original, but similar to that this morning. I thought of using the game Uno. We played a game of Uno with the cards assigned to different exercises. This brought a strategy component to our workout–do I want to do more Merkins? (Walker always says yes to that).

So I dealt each Pax 7 cards, and we got started. Here was the board:

To recap: (do the number on the card)

  • Green – Merkins
  • Yellow – Squats
  • Blue – Carolina Dry Docks
  • Red – Calf Raises


  • Wild Cards – Dealers choice in exercise and number of reps
  • Wild Card + 4 – Dealers Choice in exercise with 20 reps.
  • +2 (Take two) – 10 reps of that color
  • +4 (Take four) = 20 reps of that color
  • Switch (reverse) – 15 reps of that color
  • Skip = 10 count rest
  • 0 = 10 count rest

The workout went fast and while it seemed easy at first, by the end, legs and arms were burning. We never had a winner, though Bull called Uno once.

Things we learned:

  • Walker likes Merkins, and didn’t know how to play Uno. Now, he should be able to beat all of his fellow residents at Westminster Towers. (kidding, though he picked it up fast)
  • Fusion is a pro at Uno–and also has the P200 organized for his team better than anyone ever.
  • Anchor Bar has really bad luck (or I can’t shuffle). Probably the shuffling part. (he took half the deck at one point)
  • Tombstone is a stickler on Uno rules. Made sure several of us took our cards as needed.
  • WaterBoy is as honest as they come. Didn’t take cards when he was supposed to, called himself out on it and took them later.
  • White Hat killed it for someone who claimed to not have played Uno much.
  • Bull needs to remember to not show his cards so soon! (cue Kenny Rodgers music)
  • Sandlot has clearly played a few games of Uno with his girls #HIM



  • The Pax who are fighting demons
  • Those fighting Cancer
  • Injured Pax

It was a fantastic time this morning at Tavern. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead and humoring one of my crazy ideas. This one clearly went better than some of the others I’ve had.

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