#getafterit at Sullivan Track

    • When: 02/08/18
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Ponytail (R), Catfish, Penny Pincher, Reborn (QIC)

Thank you to Penny Pincher for giving YHC the opportunity to lead these fantastic HIMs on some track work on this date. Track work can mean a lot of things, but today we did intervals. Some might think this is crazy math, but for Blueprint it would be simple.


1-Mile Warmup Run around the Track and then some stretching.


Today we built a pyramid. We ran 4-200 M at 5K pace, 2-400 M at a tad bit slower pace, and 1-800 M at 10K pace. Then we worked our way back down.

At the end we did some more stretching as I discussed what was on my heart below.


In life we are constantly training. Training our minds, our bodies, our souls. Whatever we are training for we have to have a goal or we just won’t. Without a goal in we are like sheep without a shepherd, lost in the wind, Being tossed to and fro by the waves, etc. I could keep going.

Set a goal in all aspects of life an train to not only acheive that goal, but to surpass it. Track work is similar. You are training your body to get out of its comfort zone so that you can run the race you are training for (your goal) at a pace that will not only be comfortable, but at a rate that will crush it (i.e. Slow Pitch’s Half).

So today, as we train our bodies, minds, & souls, set a goal and acheive it by training harder than you need to surpass that goal. Now #getafterit.


This AO was named today – Falcon-0. Ask Penny Pincher if you want the whole story of the name.

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