Tavern Extravaganza

    • When: 2/8/2018
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Waterboy, Al Gore, Ryder, Sandlot, Herbie, Blueprint

Started off with a quick reminder that I am poor so do this at your own risk and don’t sue because it would be a good laugh for both of us.

Warm up:

ssh x 30

windmill x 30

merkins x 10

mosey to back of Harris teeter

5 burpees each light pole across back of building total of 5 poles

mosey to Wall for two rounds of wall squats 30 count and Australian mountain climbers 30 count

back to light poles for 5 jump squats each pole

at end had a round of calf raises huddled up for a count of 30 in cadence

round of erkins merkins sermons 10 count OYO

mosey to Wall and partenered up for 5 sets of 20 of donkey kicks and goof balls

Back to light poles for 5 merkins each light

at end had a round of calf raises huddled up in cadence 30 count

mosey to COT for AB lounge

started off with 100 LBCOYO

then a continuous cadenace each pax called out a ab exercise for a 10 count and immediatley we would go into the next set till we had time

Thanks Ryder for letting me lead and honeypot for trading this morning with me. GReat work guys. I am sure feeling it today.

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