Feb 2nd, 2018 —- Petra, Four Corners and Then Some

    • When: 02/02/2018
    • QIC: Frying' Pan
    • The PAX: Black Jack, Whitney, Atticus, Smiley Face (Respect), Socrates, White Hat, Dawg Pound, Polymer, Catfish, HeeHaw (Respect), Festifun, Fryin' Pan

A quick check of the COT and no FNGs were sighted.

Ground Rules laid: 1) We will not use the word Mosey and, instead, say all sorts of words like Skedaddle and other “M” words but not that one and 2) The exercise “Which Shall Not Be Named” will not be performed voluntarily by the Pax on this great morn.

Warm up:

We did some SSH, some L/R and R/L, and other “stretchy things” before skedaddling across the street to Office Depot for a more scenic view of the parking lot.


In our new venue a quick word of motivation and inspiration was made, both to the delight of CatFish and the chagrin of Whitney. I paid homage to Dean Smith and his illustrative “delay” tactic of Four Corners to “waste the clock”. Yes, it was a long week and this Q was not fully prepared and, for this reason, our punishment this morning was….. MERKINS! Yes, Merkins, because this was not the “M” word that we could not use on this morning.

Earlier in the week, I experienced Hot Spots’ workout at Night at the Museum, which was inspired by a previous workout from Apache; circuits with different exercises and a surprising amount of running mixed in…. and you people think I don’t pay attention at the workouts. 😉

That Thang We Did…..

Circuits and Four Corners of the Parking Lot –

Merkins — 10 and several different exercises; Seal Jacks, Flutter Kicks, SSH, and whatever your mind threw at you as a good idea for reps of 7, posted at every light pole that was “lit”.  Seven seemed to be the magical number of the day, inadvertently, so we decided to repeat the workout (OMAHA) and hit the “lit” lights again. There was mumble chatter GALORE at this point because the parking lot was wet ( faux SEAL Training) and some of the PAX did not want to get their sweatshirts wet. After completing our second half of the Dean Smith inspired activities we “meandered”, again, not the “M” word we could not use, at an exaggerated pace to check out the Chinese restaurant.

Finding the Chinese restaurant closed we kept with the Dean Smith theme, further inspired by the recent recon of a “speed training” workout at Sullivan Middle School and ran some suicides between the different light poles along the back half of our Petra property. There may have been a choice few words uttered during this portion but none were classified as “M” words and were thus allowed.

Upon finishing this evolution of this Dean Smith inspired nonsense, I say this only to delight CatFish and make Whitney cringe, and with “Bacon 20-something” left on the clock, a team exercise was “Weinke’d” from the recesses of my mind and our Pax broke into teams of six — after two failed attempts of 5/7 and maybe an 8/4 that cannot be either confirmed nor denied.

This “Weinke’d” idea came across as a good idea; let’s plank while our teammate ran from the light pole near the Chinese restaurant to the light pole near Bojangles where our colleague did 10 more Merkins, still not that “M” word, before “sprinting” back to the PAX. An observation, the newly reconned Sullivan Middle School running training will be successful because we were running SLOW, like all the “runners” must have been at The Commons that morning. Of Note… Whitney performed an extra sprint and 10 extra Merkins (still not the M word). I believe his motivation was due to his being called a ‘private school lacrosse player’ but I will not confirm, nor deny, my role in making this claim. You will note the direct quotation (‘) versus indirect (“) marks. Yes, you sir, have been “lawyered”. 😉

Surprise, surprise, and much to the dismay of everyone waiting for the deliciousness of bacon at Bibles and Biscuits, we were still like “Bacon 7” from the end of our workout – oh the horror, the horror, the horror. Again, drawing from the recesses of my mind and harkening back to the earlier, scattered, mumble chatter regarding the wet pavement and their tidy overshirts… Ab Workout.

Yes, why not…. standing water on the pavement, regardless of the often steep slope of the asphalt, I all but cried “on your six” and there we sat. With the exhilaration of the moment and the fog time of this past week, I really have but only one clue of what ab exercises we did but, this one, yes, this one, was monumental to me. Atticus and I partnered up, standing at perhaps Bacon 2 and counting, where we mimicked “passing” a medicine ball side-side in an imaginary “effort” to work our obliques. Whether Atticus realizes this or not, I imagined us “passing” a 100kg medicine ball, why not, between us can only imagine the “work” our obliques received through this workout! #AtlasStoneReady

All told, maybe someone pointed this out to me the next morning at The Patriot, we performed 160+ Merkins, still not the “M” word, and skedaddled about 2.5 miles in total. Perhaps my homage to Dean Smith will help the Tarheels vs Duke next week and (………. an action news update) UNC beats Duke 82-78. Yes, yes, and yes… I will take all the credit for this. Hat Tip to you CatFish…

Thank you Polymer for the opportunity to lead this wonderful Friday morning Q event at Petra, Petra, or however I choose to pronounce it as I am preparing for BACON!

Fryin’ Pan out!





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