Old town Van Damme on Q

    • When: 2/12/2018
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Chisel, crayola, Italian job, Jelly, river rat, danger zone, Pch, Mongo, and dingo

started without disclaimer

wind Mille in cadence 20 count

left over right and right over left 10 counts

we were off  we mosey to independence and joined up for the pledge

We said our good byes and mosey around corner to light poles

5 burpees per pole for 4 poles.

Circled up for calf raises 30 count in cadence

at stairs we did 20 lbc, 20 flutters, and 20 leg throws with a bear crawl up stairs between each set.

Gave a 10 count then back to mosey to legal remedy

did merkins, derkins, and erkins 10 counts each

circle back up for 30 calf raises in cadence

mosey to parking lot at corner of white and Oakland

wall squats while each man had his turn at 5 merkins

recovered then back to a 30 count wall sit

ee partnered up for five rounds of 20 donkey kicks and goof balls. This sucked really bad

back to wall for 30 count wall sit

then a 10 count in cadence of Australian mountain climbers

circled up for a 30 count of calf raises in cadence

moseyed to AO for 5 straight minutes of continuous AB Lounge. Each pax called out a exercise with no rest. This sucked also.

we wrapped up with announcement and praise and prayers. Thanks Reborn for the opportunity to Q here. It was truely an honor. Each man pushed him itself hard today and we’d left no one behind. Great work Gents

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