SOP for Future Veteran AO Weekly Q

    • When: 02/12/18
    • QIC: Apache
    • The PAX: FUTURE Highly Impact Qs for The Veteran AO

The purpose of this Pre-Blast is to set the future Qs up for success, along with ensuring the safety and well being of the PAX that are relying on the Q for their Betterment in The Gloom….

We will be asking for High Impact Men wanting to lead the Leaders of The Veteran AO, and appreciate what it is to lead a group of Highly Impact Men

That’s my Disclaimer and Below are the Goals and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for future Qs….

First and foremost thanks for volunteering and leading the leaders of the Rock Region.
The Veteran AO is set up for Run and Boot camp workouts. With comradery and brotherhood at the core of what needs to be accomplished.

 We start at 0500 and end 0550

● Start with the proper disclaimer and welcoming and FNGs
●  Take in account of the group of PAX that are there, any FNGs. Are your men able to achieve what you have planned for your workout or do you need to modify to ensure everyone gets a workout and no man is left behind
● There is plenty of venues to run to stay out of harm’s way and avoid traffic, at no time should you take the PAX into traffic especially (Red River RD)
● Ensure as you mosey you keep up with all your men and plan your workout to incorporate circling back or a looping routes to keep everyone together. Also thinking about the distance you have back to the AO to ensure ending on time and everyone making it back
● Get to know your men… Ask, Listen, and Remember  each person and their story in your group, to build comradery, and make it an enjoyable workout. The workout isn’t about YOU, it’s about everyone getting better and building future leaders
● And in closing we end with a COT… Circle of Trust…

And again have fun.

Make the workout enjoyable but tough. Get to know your men and make it where others feel a sense of achievement as a group of men working together for one common goal. Stronger Leaders for our families, friends, and community…..

Aye!!! Apache

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