5 @ The Patriot for Anchor Bar’s Famous Chicken Wings

    • When: 02/10/18
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: Jelly, Red October, Pick Six, Slim Shady (R), Anchor Bar (R)

I arrived early at The Patriot for a 3 mile prerun and to setup for the Q.  It was a cool wet morning, so I omahaed the workout that I had planned for the grassy hill beside the coliseum to the walkways leading up to the coliseum entrances.

There were five of us including one FNG.  The FNG is a former Rock Hill Bearcat and Clemson Tiger football player.  He spent time in the NFL as a Buffalo Bill football player, so he was familiar with the Anchor Bar restaurant.  So when I introduced myself he quickly figured out that I wasn’t from around here.  He even commented that I say Ancha Ba like everyone from up there.  HaHa.

The disclaimer was given and the pax helped explain the five tenants of F3 for our FNG.  I explained that our exercises had some weird names but he would catch on.

We warmed up with some Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Windmills and Cherry Pickers all IC.

We took off for a short mosey up one of the walkways to a coliseum entrance then all the way around the building to where I had some cones setup for a Mountain of Anchor Bar’s Famous Chicken Wings.

At the bottom of the walkways were four cones with the following, four different but similar exercises.  We ran down the first walkway to the cone and performed the prescribed exercise. At the top of the hill there was a cone with Bleu Cheese & Celery (Squats).  If at any time a pax needed to take a break to cool down, he could perform a dozen squats.  Rinsed and Repeated for each exercise in round 1.  After the first round we Omahaed and completed the exercises for mild, medium, hot and extra hot and then ran back up the hill after performing exercises for mild & medium and hot & extra hot.


Round 11 Doz. Flying SquirlsRound 11 Doz. Burpees
Round 21 Doz. Carolina DDRound 21 Doz. Mountain Climbers
Round 31 Doz. MerkinsRound 31 Doz. Knuckle Merkins
Round 41 Doz. SSHRound 41 Doz. Smurf Jacks
Round 51 Doz. LBCRound 51 Doz. Dying Cockroaches
 HotExtra Hot
Round 11 Doz. Hand Release BurpeesRound 11 Doz. Prison Cell Burpees
Round 21 Doz. Mountain Climber MerkinsRound 21 Doz. Mountain Goats
Round 31 Doz. Hand Release MerkinsRound 31 Doz. Prison Cell Merkins
Round 41 Doz. Star JacksRound 41 Doz. Bomb Jacks
Bleu Cheese
& Celery
1 Doz. Squats 


We moseyed to the back side of the coliseum where we then had my version of a “hot wing eating contest,” Balls to the Wall to see who could hold the position the longest.  YHC was the winner.

We moseyed down the walkway to the parking lot where we were at the crossroads.  I explained that many times in our lives we will find ourselves at the crossroads and we need to look to God for guidance and lean on our F3 brothers for strength.

2 Dozen
Run to,
Nur from
2 Dozen
5 burpees
each time
at center
2 Dozen
Nur to,
Run from
2 Dozen
Al Gore

We moseyed back to AO for the COT

We did the count-o-rama, name-o-rama, named our FNG, announcements and Prayer concerns & praises.

Everyone please welcome Pick Six to our ranks.

YHC closed us out in prayer.

I thank Jelly for the honor and privilege to lead.

Anchor Bar out

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