21 @ Petra for a game of Jenga

    • When: 02/16/18
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: Padeye, Polymer, White Hat, Smiley Face (R), Roxanne, Bang Bang (FNG), Kashmir, Socrates, Dreamhouse, Catfish, Festifun, Whitney, Atticus, Hawkeye (R cubed), JayZee, Chuckie (R), Italian Job, Dawg Pound, Boomer, Water Boy, Anchor Bar (R)

I arrived early on this warm but windy winter morning to setup and prepare for my Q.  Spent a few minutes before the workout began discussing an issue that was weighing heavy on me with Smiley Face.  That type of koinonia, camaraderie, friendship and fellowship is what separates F3 from going to the gym for a workout.

The workout began with a disclaimer and reviewing the 5 tenants of F3 for the benefit of our FNG.

We moseyed down to the flat part of the parking lot for a little Broga X as a warmup.  We finished the warm up with some side straddle hops IC.

We moseyed to The Crossroads in the parking lot in front of the Office Depot.  I explained that there are times that we all find ourselves at a crossroads that involve tough decisions and hopefully we seek God and/or wise counsel in those decisions.  My own experience with coming to F3 found me at a crossroads physically.  I had just seen a doctor regarding a foot injury and his recommendation to me involved either surgery or modifying my running routine.  Mr. Big Stuff had just invited me to an F3 workout so I decided to take him up on it.  My first Saturday workout at The Patriot Turbine brought us to The Crossroads and shared a similar experience.

Starting in the center The Crossroad routine is as follows:

20 Bobby
Run to,
Nur from
20 American
side shuffle to/from5 burpee
each time at the crossroads
carioca to/from20 Freddie
Nur to,
Run from
20 Al Core
Calf Raises


After a Chuckie “One Million” Count, we moseyed back to the bingo store front for the main event of Jenga.  Here’s how the game went down.  The Jenga pieces were jumbled in a bag.  Each Jenga piece had instructions for an exercise.  The pax took turns pulling a piece from the bag and leading the prescribed exercise.  Once a piece was pulled, it was stacked on the previous piece pulled in a crisscross fashion.  If at anytime the stack fell over the pax had to perform 5 burpees.  All was going along fine until Catfish “accidently” knocked over the stack.  There was just enough time for each pax to have a turn calling an exercise.

We moseyed back to the top of the parking lot for the COT.

We did the count-o-rama and video name-o-rama.  We named our FNG.  Everyone please welcome Bang Bang.  We finished up with announcements, praises and prayer requests.

Chuckie closed us out with prayer.

Thank you, Polymer for the opportunity to lead.  It is always an honor and privilege.

Anchor Bar out.

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