16 PAX braved The Veteran VQ

    • When: 02/16/18
    • QIC: Toot Toot
    • The PAX: Gridlock, Honeypot, Gauge, Mayflower (R), Ringo, Chisel, Samurai (R), Popeye, 155, JAG (R), Jelly, Iron Sight, Canseco, Ponytail (R), Apache, Toot Toot

Better late than never, right?

With the P200 quickly approaching, I took this opportunity to challenge these PAX.  I’m betting they thought: “Toot Toot + VQ = piece of cake”.   Little did they know what was ahead…

I started out with the standard spiel – not a professional, modify as necessary, etc.  I added that 8 Fridays earlier I had yet to begin my journey with these F3 HIMs and now I’m leading them in a workout.

First, we started with a warm up of:

  • SSH – IC (I think we did 25)
  • Windmills – IC – (I think we did 15, but there was also some mumble chatter about the pace of the windmills becoming an ab workout instead)

We then ran just under a mile to the entrance to Waterford Glen.  The real fun began here.  Two simple instructions were given for the run through the neighborhood:

  1. At each intersection, turn left.
  2. When you encounter a dead end, drop and do 5 merkins.

Completing the entire neighborhood would net about a 3 mile run + 50 merkins.  (And some hills.  Actually, lots of hills.  Steep hills.  In fact, the entire workout by my calculation had 430 ft of elevation climb.  I may have left that part out.  Oops.)

We met up at the entrance and ran back to the AO.  On the run back, there was much mumble chatter that included a few “This sucked!” and “Why did I get out of bed this morning?!”  Ah, the sweet sounds of a successful VQ.

Finally, we did a couple of cool down stretches (right-over-left, left-over-right), name-o-rama, COT, and prayer. It was an honor leading you guys this day!

Final Thoughts

Many of you know, but I only started running a year ago.  My daughter got involved in Girls on the Run and she chose me to be her running buddy for her spring 5K.  The most running I had ever done up to that point was run 1 mile for high school because it was required for PE class.

And in less than 5 weeks, I will be running in my first P200.  Plus, I never thought I would be waking up for a 5AM workout that, at times, challenges my limits.  Thanks all for the motivation and encouragement.

–Toot Toot

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