2 years!

    • When: 02/22/18
    • QIC: Blueprint
    • The PAX: Burgundy, Reborn, The Big Fundamental, Pescador, Polymer, Fusion, Windex, Popeye, Apache, Anchor Bar, Italian Job, Padeye, Blueprint


Well… two years ago I was dumb enough to wake up and meet at Old Town (at 5:15) for a beat down of epic proportions from the one an only Apache.  After suffering through the mumble chatter I had to sprint to my office to take care of some business because my body was so out of shape.  I was unable to lift my arms to scratch my nose for 3 days (I’m serious) from the merkin-fest Apache put us through.  Over the next 8 months I posted off and on.  I was coming, but I wasn’t really invested.  Then, in October, I got the final push I needed to become more of a part of F3Nation.  I had resigned myself to the fact that I was just always going to be the “6” because everyone around me was just so much more fit than I was…  but Italian Job pushed me and challenged my pride on a mosey back to the COT one morning at Old Town.  That push made me realize it is up to me to make myself better.  I shouldn’t just be okay with being the “6”… I should be better.  I should WANT to be better.  A wise, and LOUD man I know once said “How do you get better at running?”  We all know the answer to that.  But then he applied it to something I hadn’t really thought much about by saying “How do you get better at praying?”  We all know the answer, and Apache’s words again made me realize I need to take some personal responsibility for who I am and what I do with my life and how I positively affect those around me.

IJ and Apache know what they’ve meant to me on my F3 Journey, but they are merely two small examples of what F3 has come to mean to me.  Thank you to all my brothers for allowing me to take part in F3.  It has truly contributed to my life more than any of you will ever know.  So thank you to every brother I come across in life, or in a workout, or at church, and so on…

On to the workout:

Warmup (that wasn’t really a warmup):


6 Merkins

6 Seal Jacks


6 Plank Jacks

6 Wide Arm Merkins

*Bonus of 6 Burpees

The Thang:

Mosey to another parking lot to circle up.  See above “warmup”… we did that again

Mosey over to the hill that Apache warned us of snakes.  Did 6 bear crawls up the hill followed by 6 donkey kicks.  We then nurred up the hill 6 times with 6 squats at the top.

Mosey to another parking lot to circle up.  See above “warmup”… yeah, we did that again (that made 18 total reps of each)

Next we did some wall sitting.  While we sat we did 6 merkins down the line, followed by 6 bomb jacks, followed by 6 derkins, then by 6 dips.

We then mosey’d back to the COT to circle up.  See above “warmup”… we did that one last time to make it a total of 24 reps (representing my 24 months of F3… get it?)

We had a few extra minutes for some shoulder taps (my favorite), 6”, reverse LBC’s and American Hammers.

Closed with announcements and prayer requests.


Thanks again guys!  You mean the world to me and I love you guys!  Blueprint out.


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