A Convicted Life

    • When: 2/28/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Freon, Mayflower ®, Ponytail ®, Ryder, Klinger ®, Iron Sight, Ringo, Apache, Chisel

8 PAX of the Rock Region unfartsacked themselves to join YHC for some P200 training at BTC.  The plan today was simple, quick warm-up and run for an hour and close with COT, so that’s just what we did.  After some light stretching and lively 1000 – one….. count, we were off


The Thang

We headed out across the street and down to First Baptist Church.  Ryder & Freon set a great pace and once all the PAX were in we did 10 Merkins for an active recovery and headed to cross Dave Lyle Blvd and head over to the Manchester fields.  Once there, we did a quick lap around around the fields, swinging back to pick up the six, #BetterTogether.  After the loop, we again crossed Dave Lyle and hopped over to the credit union where Apache led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  After, I talked for a minute about the power of being convicted, and living a convicted life.  Paul killed many Christians – and he did it to the best of his ability.  Once he was called by Christ – he became a faithful follower and led many to follow Christ – he did it well.  He was a man of conviction.  I shared the following verse with the PAX

Romans 14:3

The one who eats everything must not despise the one who does not and the one who abstains must not judge the one who eats everything for God has accepted him

In short, sometimes, many Christians will judge others who in their opinion are not living a Christ centered life and many who are not Christians or are not close to Christ will judge Christians when they fall short and say “I told you so”.  The challenge is to live a life of conviction – whatever that is – and do it to the best of your ability.  What are you convicted by today?


After we headed back to the front of York Tech and crossed over to Tech Park for a lap around the lake and mixed in a few fartlecks on the back side.  Once we we made it to front, we went back and picked up the six and headed back to COT together for a quick Ab lab of 15 flutters and closed out the morning with announcements (read the newsletter), prayer requests & praises.  Specifically mentioned were Herbie and his M.  We closed out in BOM and prayer

Always honored and humbled to lead – thanks Iron Sight for the opportunity to do so.  By the way, it was sort of my birthday (actually the 29th), but no 29th this year.  Apache led us in a spirited rendition of Happy Birthday –


check it out here youtu.be/CjJ6uVwF1BE

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