• When: 03/02/18
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Blueprint, Reborn, Herbie, Klinger (R), Danger Zone, Toot Toot, Iron Sight, Proctor, Penny Pincher

9  PAX joined YHC on this special day, one week after my two year F3 anniversary. Thank you to Blueprint for allowing YHC to lead at this fine AO in our Rock Region.


We began at 0500 with the F3 Disclaimer. The we warmed up with the following exercises in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Low Slow Squats, Peter Parker Peters, and Merkins. We then moseyed over to Bancroft Lawn at Winthrop University to the concrete benches.


At my first post at F3 Gauge led us past these benches and said ‘Hey we need a picture of that bench’. The bench has the word Leadership on it. So, I am building my workout today around this bench.

We partnered up. Partner 1 performed the exercises listed below at the bench while Partner 2 ran a loop around Byrnes Auditorium.

Exercises: Lunges, Everyone’s Second Favorite (Bombjacks), American Hammers, Derkins, Everyone’s Favorite (Burpees), Russian Dips, Scorpion Dry Docks, Hip Slappers w/feet inclined, Irkins, Peter Parker Peters.

After we went through all of the exercises we moseyed back to the COT.


I Cor. 12:12-31

I recently asked my wife if she felt that F3 has invogorated my Leadership in the Community including at home. I asked this because, well, that is the Mission of F3 and I wanted her opinion since I knew she would give the most honest answer.

At first she asked for more time to think about it. I humbly agreed. We finally had the chance to discuss it on our recent unexpected trip to and from Florida. She told me that she didn’t believe that F3 has made me a leader because God did that. However, F3 has highlighted the leadership skills I have, which were gifted to me by God.

There are so many different leadership qualities to mention here, but I know that God has made us all different so that His ultimate plan comes together the way he has willed it. He has made us all leaders and he wants us to use those individual qualities in our communities to glorify him. F3 is a tool he uses in our lives to invigorate those qualities.

Now, what you do with those skills is completely up to you. Will you use them to invogorate other HIMs who are waiting to be told about F3, or are you holding it all to yourself? Allow God through the means of F3 to change the way you lead in your communities so that you are a light to others. A light for F3, but most importantly a light for God.


Read Your Newsletter.

The Patriot Returns to the OG tomorrow. Meet at the track at Sullivan Middle School.

CAH Workout Tomorrow: Dawg Pound Q: 1600-1700 (4 PM – 5 PM).

Runway Relocation to Ollie’s near the Airport until further notice.

3rd F Opportunities: Mondays, Starbucks on Cherry at 0600. Fridays, Rock Hill Diner at 0600.


Danger Zone – FCA Leadership at Saluda Trail.

Penny Pincher’s Pastor and family.

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