Reflection on Falcon-0 AO so far…

    • When: 03/2/2018
    • QIC: Penny Pincher
    • The PAX: Ponytail


This backblast is more for reflecting on the past few weeks of the Falcon-0 AO than a review of today. I think the leadership at the workouts so far has been appropriate for the location and well structured. The main thing I want to point out is that we are sometimes still getting split up based on speed difference. One way to reduce that more is to do team workouts, and group the runners with a mix of faster runners and those who aspire to get faster.


I think the most efficient way to do that is to incorporate a way to gage everyone’s speed during the warm up. What I propose is an “elimination run” as a part of the warm up after a lap or two and some stretching. The elimination run will have X number of laps where X is the number of PAX at the workout. After each lap one person will be eliminated. That person will go to the outer lanes of 5-8 and reverse direction towards the other runners at a jog pace until the elimination run is over. So, after 4 or 5 laps everyone can be ranked in order of speed. I suggest if we have more than 5 people at the workout, two people should be eliminated per lap.


This will help the PAX complete the workout together as a group. I will list some suggested workouts below for people to reference when they are listed to Q. The list is categorized from easy to hard based on the intensity. I will try to have any supplies to run the workout with me.


Workout Ideas

Casino Royale (moderate)

One team will roll a die ( 1= 100m, 2=200 meters, etc.) to determine the running distance for each team. Teams will run opposite directions around the track to complete the run. A coin flip or rock-paper-scissors or whichever team wants to be generous will determine who rolls first. The team that rolls the die is on the inside of the track (lanes 1-4) and the other team is on the outside of the track lanes (lanes 5-8). The team who finishes the distance first gets to roll the die and will run on the inside lanes.

Bucket Race (hard)

Both teams will be in the outside lanes (lanes 4-8) running opposite directions. There will be a set of tennis balls on both sides of the track right before the start of the curve on the grass. Both teams will send a runner to their designated set of tennis balls and that person will sprint or run at a fast pace to their set of tennis balls, grab one, and dump it in the bucket on the other side of the track. The first team to fill the other team’s bucket wins. The Q or winning team can decide the losing team’s penalty exercise.

Memory Game (moderate)

A matching game where we race to reveal 16 playing cards binder clipped to the fence in rows of 4. Both groups of runners will run on the inside of the track (lanes 1-4). Both teams will send a runner on the outside of the track to run to the cards on the fence and attempts to find a match by only revealing two cards. Each team repeats this process until we’ve  matched all the cards. Once you find a match drop them in your team’s designated bucket next to the fence. The team with the most successful matches wins. The Q or winning team can decide the losing team’s penalty exercise.

Share the Pie (moderate)

1600 meters divided up 5 different ways listed on cards in a hat. The team with the most cards at the end wins, and they get to pick the losing team’s penalty exercise. (Penalty suggestion: 15 burpees each)

Draw a card from the hat which will have on it one of exercises below:

16 X 100 meters (The team shares the reps)

8 X 200 meters (The team shares the reps)

4 X 400 meters (The team shares the reps) (if more than four people on a team, two people will run at the same time) (team members waits until the first half of runners have run 200m before they start with the second wave of 800meters)

2 X 800 meters outside lanes (half the team runs first two laps and then the 2nd team runs the other two) ( 2nd part of the team waits until the first half of runners have run 200m before they start with the second wave of 800meters)

1 X 1600 meters ( whole team runs together)

Teams jog a lap the opposite direction from each other before they start.

Team Ladder workout (hard)

Example: 100m – 200m – 400m – 200m – 100m

Each member will stagger their part of the ladder. In this example both teams will start at the 100m start and 1 member from each team will run 100m. The next person will go after the first person reaches about the half way mark. Perform the 200m and 400m portion of the ladder the same way. The team that finishes the 100m portion of the ladder first gets to decide if they want the inside lanes or outside lanes for the 200m and 400m portions.

Time Trials (moderate)

In pairs, set a race pace for each other and alternate having partners maintain that pace for half a mile to a mile. Both team members will stay at a jog pace around the track after completing their timed laps in order to recover. Ask PAX to bring a watch or a phone to track their partner before the AO. Example: maintain a 7 minute pace (half-mile goal: 3min 30 sec; mile goal: 7 min)

Jog the curve sprint the straightaways X times (hard)

Indian run (easy)

Reverse Indian run (easy) (runner in the back runs the opposite direction from the line and stays in front of the line once they meet)


Please leave time to stretch before and after. This doesn’t need to be creative. It is just important to do it. It probably is best to give more time after the workout to stretch.  The warm up should also be light running with some exercises to loosen the muscles (butt kicks, karaoke, etc.).






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