7 Kettlebells and 4 Cucumber Runners before St. Pats

    • When: 03/13/2018
    • QIC: Whitney
    • The PAX: Al Gore, Lucky Charm, Hawkeye, Fusion, Roxanne, Bull, Popeye, Apache, Tea Party, Jelly, Smiley Face

I get to see a lot of styles as the site Q from the various people that run this historic Rock Region workout.  I thought I would take what I’ve learned and apply it to a solid pre-St. Pats work out.  I think it turned out.

We worked a lot of the classic areas around the AO.  We started out at the COT with some standard fare, then moved on around to the back of Academy.  We held wall squats, and worked the curb with some calf raises.  As we came around the left side of the building, we did some legwork on our way to the stairs and hill.  I’ll admit that I’ve learned how to use this hill from Smiley Face and Iron Sight.  We ran down then hill, then worked our way up the steps with a push up on each.  We then headed to the front of Academy where we did some more leg work with lunges and steph currys.  We finished at the COT with some brief ab-work.

I was pretty happy with the result, although I would have liked to hit up Ripstick’s Hill.  I think the rest of the PAX were glad to see the running kept down to a minimum.

The cucumber guys put in some good work. SO to Fusion who I’m pretty sure put in 6 miles.  Prayers and praises, then off to meet the day. RIP 809.

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