Deck of Death

    • When: 3/22/18
    • QIC: Polymer
    • The PAX: Padeye, Smiley Face (R), Cracker Jack, The Big Fundamental, Italian Job

Luckily for YHC, I had missed read my Twitter messages with Italian Job back in February so I showed up on February 22 ready to do this Q. Obviously, I didn’t Q it then, so the prep work was done way in advance. (Side Note: I do suggest you prep your Q in advance, but also double check the Q schedule or send a quick message to the site Q to double check your date.)

No FNG’s were present, PAX were reminded to modify as needed.

We moseyed over to the corner of the Manchester parking lot by TJ Max and got started. I explained the rules for “Deck of Death” and off we went.

Smiley Face had the lucky hand and drew about 8 or 9 low cards in a row which was a nice break in the middle of the workout. With P200 looming, tomorrow, the mumble chatter was based around that. We didn’t make it through the deck, but that wasn’t the point anyway. We headed back to COT when our time was up and finished with Announcements/Prayers&Praises.

Polymer Out.

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