Impromptu Herbie Q

    • When: 03/26/2018
    • QIC: Herbie
    • The PAX: Boomer, Big House, Ponytail, Canseco, Reborn, Herbie


I arrived at 5am at Old Town ready for a work-out.  Reborn was leading so it was gonna be a good one…  Reborn then looked at me and said “Herbie, you ready to Q today?”   Sure…  I figure I could come up with something and so it begins…  I rolled the dice and skipped the disclaimer as I figured none of the guys were going to sue me.  I didn’t cater the workout to the guys that just did the P200, so I pre-apologized


25 SSH

I botched the cadence on the prison cell murkins (Sorry Tinker Toy)

20 murkins

12 Low slow squats


The Thang


Mosey to the fountain park

20 Burpees OYO

1 partner ran a figure 8 around the fountains and the courtyard while the others did:

Round 1:Flutter kick

Round 2: American Hammer

After Ponytail gave us a 10 count I asked Canseco to share with us guys some practical ways that he shows love/encourges his wife:  He gave us some words of wisdom about doing some of the tasks he knows she loathes and some different acts of service for her.

Mosey to the Hot Box.

20 Murkins

Ran to the top of the Hotbox and did a little stretching with sets of right over left and left over right.

Ran down 1 level and touched the wall and returned to the top of the Hotbox.  10 Bombjacks

Asked Ponytail to share some wisdom and advice for us younger parents.  He explained how he would have let his kids fail more and not always be there to save the day.  He talked about how you have to be there and support them, but they need to learn to fail at home.

Ran down 2 levels >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.  20 Burpees

Asked Boomer to share a little bit about how he gets encouraged in the Lord when his work isn’t going well, relationship with wife isn’t going well and in general life is not fun.   He explained about how he prays to God about everything and shared some scripture from Phillipians.

Ran down 3 levels >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 30 SSH

Asked Reborn to share how he juggles everything with responsibilities of being a dad and work and how he achieves balance.  He shared about how he has to say no to things and sets boundaries and has margin so he’s not overcommitted.

Ran down 4 levels and Indian ran back to the top >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>40 LBCs

Boomer made a snarky comment about how it was a good thing that it wasn’t 40 burpees.  (made mental note)

Asked Big House to share some ways he is modeling a loving relationship with Jesus to his kids as it’s one of our greatest goals to see our kids in a loving relationship with Jesus.  He explained how he really works on being present and listening to his kids just like Jesus is always there for us.

Mosey down the stairs and back to the fountain park.

Not to be obnoxious, but slightly based on the snarky comment we did 40 Burpees and Reborn suggested breaking it up in sets of 10.  We reminisced on Penny Pincher’s epic workout that included 150 burpees at the hot-box.

I shared a little about pain and jarring events and how they point us to our need for a savior.  I shared about my wife having our 2nd child and getting out of the Air Force and only having a month to find a job, I shared about my 1 year old daughter having health issues and having to do CPR 0n her as she turned blue while my wife was crying in the background, and how my 55 year old boss (I was transitioning into being a partner) unexpectedly passed away and how my wife was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer with a 5, 3 and 1 year old and is currently on chemo.  I don’t feel like I can manage everything, I want to control everything –but I can’t nor should I even try to.   All of these things have brought me to the realization that I have to lay all my fears and burdens at the cross every morning.  Life is hard, but I am thankful to have a Lord that supplies my strength and relieves my anxiety.

Mosey back to the AO.  It was encouraging to hear all the guys share how God is working in their marriage and lives to impact them so we can go be lights in the world.

Happy birthday to Canseco (big 38)

Announcements and prayers

Reborn handed off the shovel flag from to Canseco.

Reborn, it was an honor to work out with some awesome brothers in Christ– thanks for the impromptu Q





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