Not a total wash out VQ

    • When: 03/20/18
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: The Big Fundamental, Tombstone, Anchor Bar, Wildcat, White Hat and Jester

OK…yes…I’m a day late and a dollar short here (and then some really) on posting this from last Tuesday, March 20th. I am one of those individuals that help desks and IT support hate as I cannot remember logons and passwords to save my rear end! So, I do apologize for the delay in posting. Last week there were six HIM’s gathered to embrace the mild yet soggy morning at Eagle’s Nest.

The Thang:

The morning started out with some light stretching to get the blood flowing before the PAX headed out to do their thang. The stretches started with a little left over right followed by right over left (or as Chuckie calls them…right under left and left under right) to a 10 count. This was followed by a little bro-ga in the form of downward dog to help stretch the calves out and we wrapped up with some hamstring stretches from the six position. The PAX rounded out their time in the Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church parking lot with some Moroccan nightclubs (25 in cadence), side straddle hops (20 in cadence) and 10 burpees OYO before we moseyed off.

It was off to the flag pole where the PAX recited the pledge of allegiance and they were off moseying again to the eagle monument for some urkins (15 in cadence), dips (15 in cadence) and durkins (10 in cadence).

After another slight mosey to the lady on the bench, the PAX partnered up and engaged in a little catch me if you can burpee style across the entire brick path and back. Upon returning to the lady on the bench, the PAX moseyed to the rock pile to collect some coupons and partnered up at the base of the hill. The bottom of the hill involved alternating sets (as many as you can) of curls, triceps extensions and shoulder presses. While the one partner did a set of the respective exercises mentioned above, the other partner ran to the top of the hill for a set of LBC’s (50 OYO) , squats (25 OYO) and American hammers (25 OYO).  The set of three partners rotated back and forth until all six exercises were completed. The VQ was hoping for a rinse and repeat on this, but he did not plan his time well so it was back to the AO via an Indian run since time was running short.

Back at the AO there was just enough time left to get in a quick circle murk in starting at one and building up to five when all was said and done. Side note: The PAX of six turned to nine as Padeye, Schurte and Catfish caught up after completing some P200 conditioning.

Everything was wrapped up with announcements and prayers. Announcements mainly centered on the upcoming P200. Prayer requests came from Catfish who asked for continued prayers for his mother and her depression and The Big Fundamental who asked for prayers as his hip has been experiencing pain after running. Also, The Big Fundamental asked that you keep his son in your thoughts and prayers as he is encountering being bullied at school currently. So, please keep these fellow brothers in your thoughts and prayers as you go through your week.

PS….another quick thank you to White Hat and Anchor Bar for the opportunity to VQ this morning. I think I thanked White Hat this morning, but I think Anchor Bar originally asked me to VQ? Either way…I greatly appreciate the both of you and appreciate the opportunity to be part of a great group of men! Jester out…’til next time!

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