a little burpey, a little murkey, a little squatty

    • When: 03/30/2018
    • QIC: Herbie
    • The PAX: Samurai, Chisel, Anchor Bar, The Big Fundamental, Bulldog, Herbie, Blueprint

We arrived at the Earth Fare parking lot seven strong, seven spry.  Disclaimer given and the warmup began.  Sidenote:  One thing that has really been helpful to me is getting to know different F3 guys on a deeper level.  We all have a few guys that we see regularly or maybe have a connection outside of F3.  But probably all of us have some of the guys that if asked you might could tell someone what their F3 name was–but that’s it.   I would encourage everyone that posts to try each workout to have a deeper level conversation with one person to get to know some of your brothers (ones you don’t know very well).  We all have stories to tell and perfect opportunities during a mosey or break to get to know and encourage some of the guys you don’t really know that well.

Warmup in cadence

25 SSH,

10 Diamond merkins

10 Wide grip merkins

10 Mountain climbers

Hold in plank position for a few 10 counts

15 Carolina dry docks

The Thang

Mosey to the neighborhood behind Westminster Pres church with a little Indian run during the mosey.  Arrived to the next segment of the workout.  We arrived at Summerwood street (a very steep hill).

Partner up, 1 partner runs up the hill and the other partner performs the following AMRAP until partner returns.

5 burpees, 10 murkins, 15 squats

We did 3 hill runs and exercises and took a little break.

I talked a little about manning up.  I looked around at the group and all of the guys are disciplined guys that have succeeded in life.  Manning up has helped us get where we are, push through pain and make it through difficult circumstances.  Ironically, the Christian life is really about learning to not “man up or power through”.  It is about finding strength in Jesus in our weakness.  We should not look to our own strength to get through tough circumstances but continually rely on Jesus.

We then took a little mosey and ran back to the bottom of the hill by Oakland Baptist Church.  We then did

10 burpees,

10 murkins

10 squats

Mosey back to AO

10 burpees

10 murkins

10 squats

Ab lab (people’s choice)

15 Protractor

10 dying cockroach

mosey to far light pole and jailbreaked back to the lightpole where we went through announcements, prayers and praises.  I felt awful after the workout because I didn’t talk about it being Good Friday and how that is an important thing to remember as we believe in a literal crucifixion and a literal resurrection.

Blueprint, thanks for the honor of leading at the commons.


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