8 (Including an FNG) at Independence 4/2/18

    • When: 04/02/18
    • QIC: White Hat
    • The PAX: Sapper, Fellini (R), Van Wilder (R), Socrates, The Big Fundamental, Roxanne, White Hat, FNG

8 PAX gathered on a balmy Monday morning at Independence.
We had an FNG present so we reviewed the 5 core tenants of F3 workouts:
1. Are free of charge
2. Are open to all men
3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
5. End with a Circle of Trust

I gave the full disclaimer and we got started:

SSH x12
Cherry-pickers x12
Stretch left, right
Left over right
Right over left
Moroccan night clubs x12
Imperial walkers x12
Hillbilly walkers x12

We then moseyed to the flag in front of Tillman Hall where Fellini led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Then we partnered up with one partner running the Tillman loop while the other stayed and did AMRAP exercises:
1. Merkins
2. LBC’s
3. Squats

Once we were finished, I explained the concept of an Apache 10-count and gave an example.

Then we moseyed over to the rock formation (Stonehenge) and did:
1. 10x step-ups each leg
2. 20x dips
3. 20x crunches

After Socrates gave us an Apache 10-count, we moseyed to Alumni Drive for one of my personal favorites: Walk Like an Egyptian. This is like an Indian run but with the PAX alternating lunges as the one at the back runs to the front.

After 3 iterations we stopped in front of Tillman for a quick arm workout:
We performed each of the following exercises 10x IC without lowering our arms between exercise:
Big circles forward and back, straight up circles, overhead presses, overhead claps, Moroccan night clubs, seal claps

After Van Wilder gave us an Apache 10-count, we stayed on Alumni drive and did bear crawl, Lt. Dans, toy soldiers before heading back to the COT, where we did Freddie Mercury’s and flutter kicks to get us to 6AM

We named our FNG “Captain Thunder” as he is the band director for South Pointe, where the band is known as the “Band of Thunder”. Shoutout to Sapper for coming up with the nickname.

Then we had announcements: (Read the newsletter, of course). Also, Roxanne has become site Q for “F3 Dads” so be on the lookout for more information along those lines.

1. safety for those traveling over Spring Break
2. Herbie and his M
3. Winchester

We then closed in Prayer and headed out.

Until next time (Friday at Petra), White Hat out!

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